October 03 2017
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Beck Wadworth
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PODCAST: How our founder started An Organised Life

PODCAST: How our founder started An Organised Life
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Chris and Margaret - October 07 2017

Hiya Bek….was trawling through the online news this morning, then heypresto……a blast from the past! Well done on your success to date… have a good gig going there. You always had an arts and design thing going as a kid. Has been a good read to find out about the kids you’ve had contact with in the past ….and what they end up doing with their lives. Pass on our regards to Cheryl and Mike next time you’re talking to them. Regards….Chris N Migs Moriarty, Rolleston.

PS……the painting of the seahorse you did in Year 6 and gave to Migs she had framed, and still hangs in the bathroom!

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