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What To Pack For A French Alps Escape

AOL_France Trip_1

On Tuesday, Jason & I are being whisked away by AirFrance & Club Med to experience six days of snow filled adventures in the French Alps!!! 

Being me, I have been planning everything I need to pack for the last 2 weeks (or possibly 3)! Today I finally brought the last few pieces I needed and have successfully packed just x1 suitcase & x1 hand luggage bag. Trust me, this was no easy feat! 

You would think that all I need is simply ski gear & a few casual pieces, however with an amazing itinerary provided, including skiing, yoga, spa pools, beautiful dinners, cocktail parties and much more - I have managed to pack for all weather & occasions. Below is a list of what to pack for a French Alps escape...


  • Passport &/or Drivers License
  • Travel Insurance - I would suggest getting cover for Winter Skiing too
  • Itinerary - add all your flight details onto your phone so they are easy to access too.
  • Medication
  • Emergency Numbers - Family, Travel Agent, Embassy
  • Wallet & Credit / Eftpos Card
  • Iphone & Charger (international adaptor as well)
AOL_France Post_2


AOL_France Post_3


TIP: Always pack in outfits - and just to be safe, always take a couple of extra tops. In terms of heavy coats - wear this on the plane & store it under or above your seat to save room in your suitcase. 

AOL_France Post_4


TIP:  To avoid creases in your favourite dress or pant, always roll your delicates & more dressy items.

AOL_France Post_5


TIP: Layering is key. Check the long range weather forecast as well so that you are prepared for all conditions. 

Follow my travels over the next 10 days on Instagram @anorganisedlife. I'm heading to Club Med Peisey-Vallandry and Club Med Val Thorens Sensations! Beyond excited for what this adventure holds! 


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