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Want to organise your life? Read the 5 things I do daily & absolutely swear by!

I have always loved being organised - for me it's just a way of life. It helps me feel in control and less stressed in general. However I get asked regularly what my top tips are, and what I do daily to keep on top of everything.

To be honest, living an organised life daily is all about preparation and routine. Below are x5 simple things I do & absolutely swear by! Try them out and let me know how you get on. And if you have any easy organisation tips - make sure you comment below :)

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Acler Vest, Anna Quan Shirt, Mode Collective Loafers, Celine Sunglasses, Little Liffner Bag, Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume

1. Get my outfit ready the day before

It may sounds simple but getting your outfit ready the night before can save you a world of time in the morning. For me, if I don't do this, I get so indecisive and waste at least 30mins throwing different outfits on when I could be enjoying a delicious coffee. It's so unproductive & makes me feel stressed before the day has begun. The solution literally takes 10 minutes. Every night I check the weather & my diary (more on this below) before putting together a suitable outfit. I also make sure everything is ready - e.g shirt is ironed, accessories are organised & I place it all at the front of my wardrobe. This simple step will make your morning routine so much easier & organised. 

EXTRA TIP: Organise your wardrobe in categories & colours. E.g Top, Pant, Dresses then sub categories as Black, White, Navy etc. 

2. Check my diary

Life these days is very fast-paced. To stay on top of my game I spend 2 minutes looking over my diary every evening before I go to bed. It allows me to feel organised and ready to go in the morning with out any surprises or embarrassing moments of being late to meetings.

EXTRA TIP: Take the time to add in your diary any new appointments, meetings or reminders that have come up during that day in the evening as well. 

AOL-To Do List.jpg

3. Write a big to-do list

One of the easiest ways I organise my life daily is by writing a big to do list every evening for the following day. In the morning when my brain is fresh & I'm enjoying a morning coffee, I take the time to prioritise the list. The best way to do this is to highlight the things you want to achieve in  the morning in one colour (these should be the top 3 priorities for your day roughly) and the priorities for the afternoon in another colour. Anything left over is flexible to be moved if other urgent meeting or tasks pop up unexpectedly.

NOTE: My lists during the week are obviously more intensely detailed however I still write to do lists for Saturday & Sunday too e.g cleaning, washing, planning my meals, catch ups with the girls etc.

4. Set Alarms for the next day

iPhone's are a girls best friend when it comes to organising your life. I always take the time in the evening when I jump into bed to set alarms for the following day. For me, I have a wake alarm set, along with alarms for social media posting, & any other reminders I need a little extra push for - e.g doctors appointments, grocery reminders, 'Call or email Bla Bla' etc etc Anything goes! 

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Viktoria & Woods Jeans, Ray Ban Eyewear, Meadowlark Jewellery, Vintage Blazer, Marle Tee

5. Plan my meals

When I first started An Organised Life I quickly threw myself into a hectic schedule of balancing a full time job, a new start up and general life! I was working extremely long hours including weekends and found it a huge challenge to cook dinner. The way I changed this was by planning my meals in advance and doing my grocery shopping online, specifically purchasing the ingredients for the meals I was going to make that week. This meant I would get home and get straight into cooking with out any wasted time (especially when I had experienced an exhausting day at the office). It such an easy thing to do and really does organise your life giving you more time for other bits & pieces. 

NOTE:  I have also taken this one step further after discovering Hello Fresh (pre organised meal plan)! As my brand has grown my hours haven't decreased at all and discovering Hello Fresh was an even better solution for me personally. If you have a hectic work schedule I would definitely suggest looking into this. 

Overall these x5 simple things will help organise your life and make you feel in control and less stressed, giving you more time & energy to put towards more important things. 

Photography by Hannah Roche

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