Tips + tricks for making the most of your 2018 Calendar

We're nearly a month into 2018 and (if you're like us), the days, weeks and months are filling up fast. Organisation wise, although our diary is our absolute go-to for planning out our days in detail, we can't go past a flip, wall or printable A4 calendar to plan and schedule in key deadlines and events. 

Seeing a visual representation of all our deadlines, plans or commitments on a calendar in our workspace helps us to see the "big picture" of our month or year with ease. This also allows us to be able to see which weeks are going to be super busy and assists in keeping track of our workload.

Below are some of our tips + tricks on how to make the most of your 2018 calendar. 

Note: First things first, (before you get onto our tips) a physical calendar can be used for an array of situations. Before using your calendar - make sure you have a clear strategy of how you want to utilise it. E.g do you want the calendar to act as a tool to keep you focused for key deadlines? Or do you want it to help organise your schedule of events or maybe your family? Everyone is different and that's the great thing about a calendar - their are no rules. Utilise it as a tool to help you live your best life. 


1. Write in financial reminders - e.g bill due dates, pay days, etc.

2. Utilise the calendar as a motivational resource for when you are counting down to an event or deadline. It's so exciting ticking off each day in the lead up and keeps you feeling focused and motivated. 

3. Use it to remember anniversaries and birthday.

4. Add in the tasks from your goal planner onto your calendar so that you have visual deadlines that keep you on track. These should also be in your diary. 

5. Plan out your weekly family schedule + commitments using different symbols or colours for each family member. 

6. Utilise the calendar to manage your workload by adding in key deadlines. Then work backwards and assign smaller tasks that will assist with meeting your deadline and breaking up the workload systematically. 

7. Use the calendar to help plan out content 

8. Use it simply as an easy visual reminder of dates and days. Something that you can reference quickly and easily when you are on the phone or replying to emails.

9. Add in 'admin' reminders e.g renew drivers license or book window cleaners etc.  




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