Three simple ways you can get organised for your future now

Everyone says it, but life’s short and it’s important to make the most of every moment. Finding a balance between enjoying the now and being ready for the future isn’t always an easy task - however the below guide features three short and simple ways that will help you get organised.



One of the simplest ways you can prepare for your future is by being aware of your family health history. Although it sounds simple, ask a family member about their history and begin a documented list (especially things that are hereditary). It is a very important & necessary step for your future. Take responsibility and make sure you also get a thorough health check with your doctor regularly, and maintain your diet, exercise & well-being. 



The second simple way to start preparing for your future is by making the most of your superannuation scheme – think of it as an investment portfolio. While it’s easy to overlook superannuation in your 20’s and 30’s, it’s more than just a distant retirement dream and plays an important role in planning ahead for your future. 

Most of us in Australia receive 9.5% of our income paid into a superannuation account and although it’s easy to forget about as we don’t see our balance every day, that 9.5% matters to your future. 

There are plenty of times in everyday life when 9.5% matters. Ever been out for dinner with the girls over a bottle of beautiful Pinot Noir & a delicious platter on a Friday night, and before you had finished that last bite – your glass & platter were taken away from you? That small 9.5% of French brie can really matter – and so does your super! 

Imagine starting a new diary in March instead of January and feeling like you had missed opportunities. Every little bit counts. A great place to start is by looking into how much money you have today, you might surprise yourself.  

Keep on top of your superannuation by working with a company who allows you investment options to suit your style, has some of the lowest fees on the market & an easy online account so that you can track your super regularly today helping you to manage your money and investment into the future (take a look at Virgin Money Super for example).

We get organised, plan and save when we are working towards short term goals like travel – why not super too? By not ticking off and looking after the 9.5% super you earn everyday it could impact what you do in your future. 

You wouldn’t want to have missed out on the last 9.5% of your last holiday.




Life is full of surprises - some good and some bad. Get organised and make sure you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed when life blindsides you! Create different savings accounts and start setting up weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payments. Below is a guide on what to prepare for:

Emergency Fund: For anything & everything that surprises you 

Home Sweet Home Fund: Having a place you can call home is on everyone’s wish list. Make it a reality by setting up a Home Sweet Home account

Life Admin: Car services & fees, doctors, a broken washing machine - it happens to everyone. Having a life admin savings account will always come in handy during those times of desperation when something happens that you NEED to fix.


PHOTOGRAPHY: by Hannah Roche


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