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These 3 entrepreneurs love a good to do list and explain why....

Advice & Career, An Organised Life · February 20, 2017

If there is one thing I can't live with out, it's a to do list! Thankfully, I'm not the only one who feels so passionate about this under-rated gem! I chatted to 3 inspiring entrepreneurs including Holly Ryan (Jewellery Designer), Anna Quan (Fashion Designer), Talisa Sutton (influencer & graphic designer) about why they love a to do list...

NAME: Holly Ryan

OCCUPATION: Founder of Holly Ryan


Holly Ryan is the brain & creative talent behind the eponymous jewellery label that has gained a cult following over the last 12 months. A good to do list is an essential part of Holly's everyday life as she manages her business while also making each piece by hand in her Coolum Beach studio from locally sourced sustainably produced materials. Find out why Holly loves a good to do list below...

1. How often do you write a to do list?

Every morning in my journal. Sometimes more than once a day. I can't think straight if I don't. The satisfaction I get out of ticking things off is ridiculously good. I actually love looking back through my journal to old lists. I get nostalgic about where I was, what I was getting inspired by and what we were working on in the studio 6 months ago. It's a great record of time, goals and achievements.

2. What is your strategy behind writing a to do list?

I have a journal I use for sketching and making lists, the two sometimes mingle with sketches intersecting lists and writing curling around drawings on the page. When I have an idea or concept it immediately needs to be drawn on the closest paper available, which always happens to be the open page of my journal where my list is written. I write with dot points and a black biro and it has to be black, there cannot be any colour.

3. And finally why do you love a to do list so much?

Because I hate wasting time, I am a bit of a workaholic. I like to achieve as much as possible every day and the only way to do that is to have a plan. My list helps me stay focused and achieve more. If I have ticked everything off it's a damn good day!

NAME: Talisa Sutton

OCCUPATION: Founder of Badlands Blog & Creative Director of Badlands Studio


Talisa Sutton is the beauty & the brains behind luxe blog, Badlands. Started in 2010, Badlands has become an online destination where Talisa shares her love of design, interiors, fashion and travel. Along with her blog, Talisa has a background in Editorial Design and Fine Arts, and was the designer at ELLE Australia for 2 years. Most recently this talented lady has launched her own creative agency, Badlands Studio which offers everything from graphic design & branding to creative direction & styling. With such a diverse skill set & fast paced lifestyle, Talisa has always been a very organised women & a to do list lover. 

1. How often do you write a to do list? 

I like the start each week with a fresh list, it helps me plan out the week ahead and manage my time better.

One of the first things I do when I get to the office in the morning is check my calendar, and tick of what I have accomplished so far. Depending on how the day is looking, I might add to the list too.

2. What is your strategy behind writing a to do list?

For me it's all about time management and motivation. I love being able to tick something off, or cross out a line in my diary. It helps me break my days and weeks down into smaller individual tasks, making it easier to manage!

3. And finally why do you love a to do list so much?

I find it really helps with my organisation and motivation. I have been a list maker ever since I can remember, there is always something to jot down!

NAME: Anna Hoang

OCCUPATION: Founder of Anna Quan


ANNA QUAN is the Australian designer who believes everyday clothes should be special. Known for her specialised tailoring, Anna Quan's signatures shirts have been seen on the best influencers & celebrities around the world. As a business owner, this lady knows how to stay organised & on top of things with a good old to do list! Find out more below... 

1. How often do you write a to do list?

I usually have one one finalised the night before so I can hit the ground running the next day

2. What is your strategy behind writing a to do list?

Things that require a lot of concentration or are very tedious are usually put at the top of the list as I usually function better in the morning.

Activities that are more mechanical are put for end of day completion as I don’t have to think too hard to complete.

I know I will never finish a to-do list as it seems to keep growing so I will usually highlight 3 key things I want to achieve for that day and try to get those completed.

3. And finally why do you love a to do list so much?

I think it transfers the stress of doing so many things onto a sheet of paper. There is a great satisfaction in crossing things off. I also feel a lot more in control if there is a list - it helps remove some of the emotional aspects of dealing with things that I don’t like dealing with but have to do.


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