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The Art To Writing Goals

An Organised Life_The Art To Writing Goals

It may sound simple but to me, having goals in my life makes me much more productive, motivated and organised while helping me get one step closer to my dreams.

Here is my guide to writing goals:


Every year (usually the start of Jan or just after my birthday) I reassess my life, I look at where I have come & what I have achieved, where I want to be and how I can achieve it. I'm a visual person and I write everything down. My long term goals are always jotted down at the back of my diary so they are easily accessible all year round. 


I seperate my goals into the below 3 categories:

  • Business Goals 
  • Personal Goals
  • Financial Goals

For example - my main long term business goal is to be able to make An Organised Life a full time job for me, I am extremely passionate about my company but i am also a realist and I know these things take time. I'm loving every milestone I reach. 

This brings me to my next point...


It is so so important to make short term goals. It allows you to create achievable stepping stones that get you one step closer to your dream / long term goals. 

I have short term goals I know will take me 6 months to achieve and I have weekly short term goals. Everyone is different and you make your own rules as long as they help you move forward in the right direction. 


I jot all of my goals down in my diary. It's the most satisfying feeling being able to tick that box you have worked so hard to achieve - even if it's the smallest goal e.g bringing a new stockist on board in a new region or reaching a new social media target. 


I'm a big believer in working hard to achieve success. Be patient, don't rush, make calculated decisions, trust your gut at all times, be grateful and over & above everything else celebrate your successes. 

Don't get me wrong you don't have to throw a party & be the centre of attention - do it in your own way! Treat you & your girlfriends to a bottle of wine next time you meet a personal milestone, splurge on a new dress next time you meet a financial milestone, and take the afternoon off next time you meet a business milestone! You only live once! 

B x

PS this pic also has a sneak peek of my new leather look notebook - launching late August x

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