With 2018 only seven weeks away, we thought we would chat to some of our ultimate stationery lovers and get them to review the new An Organised Life Diary range. First up is the talented and highly organised writer Hannah-Rose Yee, who has opted for the new Daily Planner for 2018.

A lover of the An Organised Life products from day dot, Hannah has seen the brand evolve and has been one of our harshest and most complimentary critics! We value her opinion highly and couldn't wait to chat to her about the new 2018 Daily Planner. 

You have had the An Organised Life Diary for the last 4 years - and we would love to chat to you about your favourite features:

1. Firstly you are currently using the 2017 Signature Diary + Pen - what have you loved about this design? 

I have to admit - I’m not using the pen! Sorry! I do love the signature diary. Having a whole week spread out before me has been really useful from a planning perspective. I’ve been able to stay on top of everything and keep track of my weekly movements. I find that I’m better at my planning because of it.  

2. What sections did you wish you used more?

I don't use the calendar at the start of every month, even though I always mean to do it. In an ideal world, I use that to note down birthdays and all the important dates I need to remember that month, but I always forget to put them in. Secondly, I haven't used the 'my favourite moments from the year' section, but since I spoke to you a few weeks ago and you mentioned doing that as a key way to keep track of the highlights of the year, I think I want to start. I know it's a bit late but I can set a resolution to make it a monthly practice in 2018.  

3. What were your pro's and con's of this design?

Having said all of my praise for the weekly layout - I do find that I need more space. My problem has been that I’ve started taking notes and being a bit more broad in my use of diary so I found that I needed more space. I would run out of room to write in the small section allocated to each day on the DPS.  

4. For 2018, you have gone with the new Daily Planner. After seeing the new design in person - what features are you most excited about?

Ok I’m excited from an aesthetic standpoint for the gorgeous new cover design. I loved the linen but I looooove this leather feel and soft cover. It feels really luxurious and special. And I like that it doesn’t feel that much bigger even though it has more pages and space. 
I’m also excited for the full day per page plan. I’m interested to see  whether I use it in the way I think I’m going to use it and if it is as useful for me as the weekly planner has been. 

5. What changes have you seen with the An Organised Life products this year that you love?

I mentioned the leather covers and. I mean it - it does feel really special and luxe. I find the design this year even more minimal than before which I also love, it feels really elevated and chic. I’m also a fan of the gold foil which is just gorgeous and the pocket at the back, which I know will be useful for storing all my receipts! 

And... In conclusion what are the pro's and con's of the 2018 Daily Planner 


  • Super Functional
  • Soft Leather Cover
  • Back Pocket
  • Elastic Strap
  • Chic + Minimal Design
  • Gold Foil Details
  • Full Day Per Page Layout
  • My Favourite Moments Section
  • Can be used for to-do lists, for notes and as a diary



  • Heavier than the previous Signature Diary - more pages. 



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