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Take Note: Why I love putting my ideas onto paper

There is something so satisfying about putting ideas onto paper. It's a physical & powerful outlet for your thoughts, memories and 'lightbulb' moments, while also being a great tool to filter through your ideas. Personally some of my favourite designs to date have come from writing & sketching on a tiny piece of paper.

As a side note, it's also one of the reason I started An Organised Life. I have always carried a diary & notebook with me every single day. A diary for organising my life & a notebook for jotting down notes, to do lists, ideas & sketches. I just couldn't find a stationery range that fitted my style while also having the functional aspects I needed. This was when An Organised Life was born. 

Jotting down your notes is a very valuable thing & below are a few reasons why I love it so much. 


If you're like me, I get my best ideas at the strangest times: in the shower, when I'm in bed, walking to get a coffee etc etc. If I don't write them down then & there - the idea is gone before i know it and it's the worst feeling in the world! Make sure you scribble down your ideas when you get them - if you don't have your diary or notebook with you - note it down on your phone, on a napkin, or even your hand - wherever you can! Those moments are priceless.


Another reason I love putting my ideas onto paper is to help create clarity within my thoughts. Sometimes my initial ideas are very broad & overwhelming - when I write or sketch them down onto paper it allows me to process the idea through more & more until I have captured it into a few sentences or sketches. 


There are no rules when it comes to writing in a diary, notebook or journal - everyone uses them differently and thats what I love so much. They are a visual diary of dreams & ideas - and physically putting your thoughts onto paper makes them seem so much more real. From personal experience it's quite often where my products, ideas & everything in between have begun. 

It's also very easy for memories to fade. Writing them down can make everything so much clearer when you read back on them down the track. 

NOTE: Never throw out your old notebooks & diaries. They are such an amazing thing to look back on. Simply write the date you started or completed the notebook/diary on the inside of the front cover & store it in a safe place. You never know when you will want to reflect back on your ideas, sketches, memories or dreams. 


One thing I do every year is write down my goals / new year resolutions. Physically writing down the goals on paper gives me direction & reaffirms what I am focusing on. It's a powerful reminder to keep myself on track and it's such a satisfying feeling to tick the goals off. 

Sometimes I even write down my weekly &/or monthly goals as stepping stones. 

NOTE: Always set your goals high - dream big & work hard.  


And finally putting my ideas onto paper allows me to focus & prioritise. From writing a to do list, to brainstorming new products & refining ideas - visually seeing these on paper is something I value hugely & for me is something I will never change! 

Overall I am a huge lover of putting my ideas onto paper! If you are the same, I would love to hear from you! Comment below... xxx


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