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How To Delegate + Make More Money

How To Delegate + Make More Money

March 11 2018
HELLO MARCH: This month's theme on the blog is Time Management, and we can’t think of a better way to start it off th...
4 Quick Steps To Manifest Success

4 Quick Steps To Manifest Success

March 04 2018
GUEST EDITOR: Jaharn Giles from Your Creative Start I first heard about manifesting success four years ago when I was...
Falling in love with your life and finding your purpose

Falling in love with your life and finding your purpose

February 13 2018
This year one of our personal goals for An Organised Life is to provide you with the tools and information you need t...
Tips + tricks for making the most of your 2018 Calendar

Tips + tricks for making the most of your 2018 Calendar

January 28 2018
We're nearly a month into 2018 and (if you're like us), the days, weeks and months are filling up fast. Organisation ...
N E W / The 2018 Downloadable Calendar Set

N E W / The 2018 Downloadable Calendar Set

December 28 2017
  The 2018 Downloadable Calendars are here, and they are better than ever! With new additions to the set and old fav...
Take Note - this one simple rule will help you to tackle emails like a pro

Take Note - this one simple rule will help you to tackle emails lik...

December 19 2017
The answer is simple. Nowadays, no matter what your career or job is, we usually find ourselves spending ample a...
Five things to do when you feel stressed and overwhelmed

Five things to do when you feel stressed and overwhelmed

October 17 2017
 Personally, I'm a self-confessed perfectionist, always have been, always will be. And with this trait naturally come...
Three simple ways you can get organised for your future now

Three simple ways you can get organised for your future now

October 17 2017
Everyone says it, but life’s short and it’s important to make the most of every moment. Finding a balance between enj...


September 12 2017
Below are the basic tools you need to know, in order to write a to do list like a pro: 1. KEEP IT SIMPLE One of the...
Revamp your workspace with these four simple steps

Revamp your workspace with these four simple steps

July 15 2017
This sunday routine will set you up for an organised week

This sunday routine will set you up for an organised week

June 17 2017

There is nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Set yourself up for a productive & organised week by getting ready & prepared on a Sunday. 

Here are the 5 small things that I recommend you do on a Sunday!

AOL_Mon Purse_June 2017_4-2.jpg

1. Check your diary & prepare for the week (10-15 Minutes)

Preparation is key to getting your mind in the right head space to tackle the week ahead. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down with your diary & look over your schedule for the week. 

  • What nights will you not be home for dinner?
  • What days do you need to pack your gym gear?
  • Do you have any pre-work coffees & need to set an earlier alarm on that day?
  • Are there any important meetings booked that you need to plan a #girlboss outfit for?

Once you're feeling confident with your schedule for the week - take the time to write a big to-do list for your Monday (follow my guide on to-do list writing here) and set any alarms or reminders you need to on your phone. 

2. Plan your meals for the week (10-15 Minutes)

Monday to Friday is usually a fast-paced hectic time for most. Make your life a little bit easier by planning your meals for the week. 

If you don't have time on your side, order your groceries online & make dinner options that can also be used as lunches! Eg. Soups are a delicious, easy & low cost option for winter.

I have taken this task one step further by ordering HelloFresh (for over a year now - not sponsored!) which is delivered to my apartment every Sunday with x5 amazing meals. I simply pick a recipe card every night & follow the thorough steps! I'm obsessed

3. De-Clutter (10-15 Minutes)

It's very common & easy to accumulate an assortment of clutter & mess during the working week & weekend. Spend 10 minutes on a Sunday evening doing a quick clean up so your apartment, wardrobe, and handbag feels organised & de-cluttered. Clean space = a clear mind. 


  • Hang up any loose clothing & organise your wardrobe
  • Re-organise your bathroom cabinet faves in order of what you use first to last in the morning
  • Empty your handbag & get rid of any unneeded things e.g loose paper, makeup, extra sunglasses. And add in anything that's missing eg. house keys or an umbrella.
  • Put away your laundry
  • Clean up any mess in your home

4. Prep Your Outfits (10 Minutes)

It may sound silly but planning your outfits on a Sunday will save you a lot of stress & time. I always check the weather for the week ahead and roughly plan my looks around the temperature, meetings, events etc so that I feel comfortable and confident. It makes your morning routine a lot faster!

It's also a good idea to do your laundry during the weekend ready for the week ahead as well.  

5. Relax (30 Minutes)

It's important to have some R&R time on a Sunday before you head into the working week again. Do something that makes you feel happy & calm. And... also make sure you go to bed early on a Sunday so you feel refreshed and ready to go when that Monday morning alarm goes off. 

    I hope this helps!! Have a good week x 

    Four simple tips for organising your wardrobe this winter

    Four simple tips for organising your wardrobe this winter

    May 30 2017
    Three simple ways to organise your life this week

    Three simple ways to organise your life this week

    May 23 2017
    Fashion Week organisation according to Vogue, theUNDONE + Hansen & Gretel.

    Fashion Week organisation according to Vogue, theUNDONE + Hansen & ...

    May 17 2017
    AOL_Sara Donaldson.png

    SARA DONALDSON (Influencer + Buyer)

    OCCUPATION: Founder of Harper & Harley + theUNDONE

    What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA as both an influencer & a buyer?

    For Harper and Harley I’ll be attending and covering shows via social media channels, shooting content for my own coverage and working with selected brands to deliver campaign components during the week. Additionally, to finish off the week I’ll be on one of the panels for the Ragtrader seminar series on the Friday.

    Then as the buyer for The UNDONE I have Resort collection appointments between the shows and back to back on the Thursday, which i’ll then work on over the weekend and the following week. 

    What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

    I make sure I have all of my appointments, campaign deliverables, times and locations written down in both my digital calendar as well as on a single sheet of paper I can pop into my bag incase of technical emergency. 

    Its important to check nothing overlaps and I have enough travel time to get to where I need to go, as not everything is at the main Carriageworks location. Its also important to keep in mind that shows doesn’t always run to schedule so a little contingency is a good idea. 

    How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

    I’ll always getting up early and working from home in the mornings and then luckily the office is close by Carriageworks so I can pop in during a longer break, although it currently doesn't look like i’ll have too many of those. Above all I make sure I prioritise sleep and eating well during fashion week, as my work load only gets bigger the following weeks when all domestic and international orders are due. At the end of the day its a marathon, not a sprint. 

    Image by:

    Image by:


    OCCUPATION: Associate Editor @ Vogue Australia

    What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA?

    Every day is completely different. From running around doing interviews with buyers and designers to backstage at shows interviewing make-up artists - I will pretty much be everywhere and running around a lot. There's also a lot of running back to the office, writing up news and interviews and being on my phone!

    What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

    The week before I try to have all my interview questions prepped, my portable chargers charged up and my outfits sorted so the week of I don't need to stress. We have a huge spreadsheet for the team to work off. Bascailly it details who will be where and covering what - this is my bible for the week. Otherwise my phone calendar has all my timings and important information. 

    How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

    There are so many emails in the uber and my laptop will come everywhere with me so I can log in and upload wherever I am. Luckily with online we can schedule a lot before hand or upload from anywhere - it makes a difference. There will be some really late nights in the office

    What do you look for when watching the shows? Do you take notes while you are watching?

    At the shows we're looking  for trends, news and good moments for Instagram. We're always on!

    What's your favourite thing about MBFWA?

    It's really hard work but it is nice to catch up with everyone you work with (who you only talk to on email? Face to face. Plus, there is a real excitment about seeing shows and being in the middle of it all. 

    AINSLEY HANSEN (Designer)

    OCCUPATION: Founder of Hansen & Gretel

    What's the inspiration behind your collection? And what made you decide to show this year?

    HANSEN & GRETEL is receiving increasing attention from overseas buyers so we wanted to showcase our collection on a global platform such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to engage with the international following for the brand. Our ‘Stay Wild, Child’ Resort 17 collection was inspired by the various multitude of feminine archetypes. Youthful prints, a bohemian attitude, and robust, modernist lines create an accessible collection for every occasion.

    How are you finding the lead up to the show & how are you handling the workload/stress?

    Happily hectic is how I would best describe the lead up to our MBFWA debut.

    What organisation tricks are getting you through the endless deadlines pre show?

    I am grateful for the generous support from my team and continued understanding from loved ones. Various diary app’s are assisting my workload and ensuring deadlines are met, with special thanks to Wunderlist ;)

    How are you planning to celebrate post show?!

    It’s important to celebrate milestones such as this and acknowledge those who assisted in the journey to get here. Whilst I can’t imagine there will be much rest for the wicked, I’m sure we’ll be popping a bottle (or ten) after the show.

    How to stay organised when you're on the go according to these 3 business babes

    How to stay organised when you're on the go according to these 3 bu...

    March 01 2017
    When your work or personal life means you are always on the go & not in an office Mon to Friday 9-5pm, it's often...
    2017 New Year Resolutions according to these 6 successful women

    2017 New Year Resolutions according to these 6 successful women

    December 30 2016

    Hello 2017!!! As the new year approaches, it's the perfect time to sit down and really nut out what you want to achieve and focus on for the year. From personal new year resolutions to career orientated resolutions - a lot can happen in a year and writing them down will get you really motivated and centred ready to power ahead for a successful year.

    I had the pleasure of chatting to 6 successful women from a variety of industries including Sara Donaldson, Bec Cooper, Bridge Yorston, Talisa Sutton, Lucy Slight & Emilie Costechareyre about what they are planning to focus on for 2017...

    Imagery Credit: Harper & Harley

    Imagery Credit: Harper & Harley



    "Ok, so I have two things that I really want to attack for next year, one being to simplify and get rid of ’stuff’ and ’things’. Purifying my wardrobe and home is really important to me, so I’ll be starting the year with a big clear out. Once thats complete I plan to make myself really think about new items that are brought into the home."

    "The other is to get my ‘life admin’ under control and have an organised approach to things like insurance, bills and taxes so it doesn’t overwhelm me. When life is busy its easy to forget about these things and they can quickly pile up and become a much bigger issue to get on top of. "

    Imagery Credit: Bec & Bridge

    Imagery Credit: Bec & Bridge



    "It may sound simple, but my new year resolution for 2017 is to stop procrastinating! It has always been a weakness of mine, but 2017 is the year to make a change!! "



    "My new year resolution for 2017 is to get back into a regular exercise regime! Everything came to a holt after my beautiful daughter Tilly was born, but I am feeling motivated to get back into it in 2017!"

    Imagery Credit: Badlands Blog

    Imagery Credit: Badlands Blog



    "2017 is going to be all about focusing on my new business while also taking time to care for myself and spend time with loved ones. I'm looking forward to collaborating on more creative projects and growing our team, while also working on personal development and learning new skills. I would love to get back in to French lessons, and finally get my licence!"

    Imagery Credit: Lucy Slight Blog

    Imagery Credit: Lucy Slight Blog



    "I know it's a cliche to have an exercise-based resolution but I've finally found something I'm hell-bent on sticking at - reformer Pilates. So my goal for 2017 is to commit to 10 sessions a month and to work on getting my wonky spine back into good form again. And... hopefully get a butt that won't quit in the process, ha!"

    AOL_Elvis Et Moi.jpg



    "My personal new year resolutions for 2017 are to look after myself better and to find more space to create and for self reflection! Work wise - I want to collaborate with women in tribe around the world!"

    SIMILAR POST: "New Year, New You. How to write New Year resolutions" - Read Here

    5 simple ways to organise your laptop files

    5 simple ways to organise your laptop files

    November 23 2016

    Nowadays, most of us (if not everyone) are on our laptops or devices all day long! Gone are the days of paper & filing in the office which has been replaced by PDF, after PDF, after PDF being sent through via email or Dropbox! Although we wouldn't have it any other way and the convenience of this technology is like no other, when you don't have an organised laptop - life can get crazy & chaotic, not to mention extremely cluttered! 

    To prevent this un-needed stress, I thought I would pop together 5 simple ways you can organise your laptop files. Let me know what you think and good luck! x

    1. The Weekly Declutter

    A lot can happen in a week when it comes to your laptop! Out of nowhere you can end up with a chaotic desktop that's overloaded with x50+ screenshots you have taken in just a single day or a downloads folder filled to the brim. Get on top of things by allocating a time slot every week (I suggest Fri 5pm, or Mon 9am) to do a weekly de-clutter.

    Start with your desktop. File or erase anything thats been placed on it. Be ruthless - if you don't need it - get rid of it. Once your desktop is looking top notch move onto your downloads folder and repeat this process. 

    2. Create a folder system

    If there is one thing you take away from this post it's the importance of creating a solid folder / filing system on your laptop. 

    Don't rush this! Take your time to work out what will be relevant and most practical for you and once you feel confident with it, make sure you commit. 

    For me - I can't go past a numbering system (see above & below). It's clear & easy to follow, not to mention extremely practical & user-friendly. 

    3. Don't be afraid of depth

    When it comes to the folder & filing system don't be afraid to take it to the next level. Sub categories, sub folder, colour tagging - what ever you need, add it in - just make sure you stick to your order system with the labelling. For me, I'm all about folders in folders, and colour tagging for different bits & pieces. For example - in my wholesale folders - I colour code depending on if I have sent the stores order, if I have received their payment or if they have an order still to be shipped etc. For me this is something I'm across daily & having a quick visual reference makes my life easier and saves me time. It's all about organisation. 

    4. Pay attention to the details

    It may sound simple but it's all about the little things when it comes to organising your laptop files. Below are a few tips to help

    * If you're writing a big document or designing an invitation etc that will have multiple edits, make sure you clearly label them so you know what the most recent version is. The easiest way to do this is to label the end of the file name as V1 (version one), V2 (version two) etc. For example, AOL_2017 DIARY_V2

    * When paying invoices, download the PDF and pop it into the Invoice Folder, followed by the 'month' it's being paid in. Once you have processed the payment, edit the file name at the start to say PAID_DATE_Invoice XXX_Company Name

    5. Back Up

    Last week, I had the horrible experience of my laptop completely dying! I couldn't turn it on and was told that I could loose all my files. I literally felt like crying! I had been so busy, I hadn't backed up my laptop in months! This was a huge wake up call (and thankfully I didnt loose anything on my computer when I picked it up a few days later.) Make sure you don't have the same experience - invest in a quality & reliable hard drive &/or utilise Dropbox or iCloud to store all your important files. Make this part of your weekly routine. If you don't need a file anymore - back it up and then delete it off your laptop to create more memory. 

    Hopefully these tips help! If you have any of your own, I would love to hear them in the comments below

    Enjoy x

    Want to organise your life? Read the 5 things I do daily & absolutely swear by!

    Want to organise your life? Read the 5 things I do daily & absolute...

    November 13 2016

    I have always loved being organised - for me it's just a way of life. It helps me feel in control and less stressed in general. However I get asked regularly what my top tips are, and what I do daily to keep on top of everything.

    To be honest, living an organised life daily is all about preparation and routine. Below are x5 simple things I do & absolutely swear by! Try them out and let me know how you get on. And if you have any easy organisation tips - make sure you comment below :)

    Acler Vest, Anna Quan Shirt, Mode Collective Loafers, Celine Sunglasses, Little Liffner Bag, Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume

    Acler Vest, Anna Quan Shirt, Mode Collective Loafers, Celine Sunglasses, Little Liffner Bag, Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume

    1. Get my outfit ready the day before

    It may sounds simple but getting your outfit ready the night before can save you a world of time in the morning. For me, if I don't do this, I get so indecisive and waste at least 30mins throwing different outfits on when I could be enjoying a delicious coffee. It's so unproductive & makes me feel stressed before the day has begun. The solution literally takes 10 minutes. Every night I check the weather & my diary (more on this below) before putting together a suitable outfit. I also make sure everything is ready - e.g shirt is ironed, accessories are organised & I place it all at the front of my wardrobe. This simple step will make your morning routine so much easier & organised. 

    EXTRA TIP: Organise your wardrobe in categories & colours. E.g Top, Pant, Dresses then sub categories as Black, White, Navy etc. 

    2. Check my diary

    Life these days is very fast-paced. To stay on top of my game I spend 2 minutes looking over my diary every evening before I go to bed. It allows me to feel organised and ready to go in the morning with out any surprises or embarrassing moments of being late to meetings.

    EXTRA TIP: Take the time to add in your diary any new appointments, meetings or reminders that have come up during that day in the evening as well. 

    AOL-To Do List.jpg

    3. Write a big to-do list

    One of the easiest ways I organise my life daily is by writing a big to do list every evening for the following day. In the morning when my brain is fresh & I'm enjoying a morning coffee, I take the time to prioritise the list. The best way to do this is to highlight the things you want to achieve in  the morning in one colour (these should be the top 3 priorities for your day roughly) and the priorities for the afternoon in another colour. Anything left over is flexible to be moved if other urgent meeting or tasks pop up unexpectedly.

    NOTE: My lists during the week are obviously more intensely detailed however I still write to do lists for Saturday & Sunday too e.g cleaning, washing, planning my meals, catch ups with the girls etc.

    4. Set Alarms for the next day

    iPhone's are a girls best friend when it comes to organising your life. I always take the time in the evening when I jump into bed to set alarms for the following day. For me, I have a wake alarm set, along with alarms for social media posting, & any other reminders I need a little extra push for - e.g doctors appointments, grocery reminders, 'Call or email Bla Bla' etc etc Anything goes! 

    Viktoria & Woods Jeans, Ray Ban Eyewear, Meadowlark Jewellery, Vintage Blazer, Marle Tee

    Viktoria & Woods Jeans, Ray Ban Eyewear, Meadowlark Jewellery, Vintage Blazer, Marle Tee

    5. Plan my meals

    When I first started An Organised Life I quickly threw myself into a hectic schedule of balancing a full time job, a new start up and general life! I was working extremely long hours including weekends and found it a huge challenge to cook dinner. The way I changed this was by planning my meals in advance and doing my grocery shopping online, specifically purchasing the ingredients for the meals I was going to make that week. This meant I would get home and get straight into cooking with out any wasted time (especially when I had experienced an exhausting day at the office). It such an easy thing to do and really does organise your life giving you more time for other bits & pieces. 

    NOTE:  I have also taken this one step further after discovering Hello Fresh (pre organised meal plan)! As my brand has grown my hours haven't decreased at all and discovering Hello Fresh was an even better solution for me personally. If you have a hectic work schedule I would definitely suggest looking into this. 

    Overall these x5 simple things will help organise your life and make you feel in control and less stressed, giving you more time & energy to put towards more important things. 

    Photography by Hannah Roche

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