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An Organised Life With... Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs

An Organised Life With... Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs

September 12 2017
I'm beyond excited to be featuring Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs in my latest 'An Organised Life With....' fe...
Five tips for properly budgeting your next holiday

Five tips for properly budgeting your next holiday

August 08 2017
Escaping winter for a dreamy European summer vacation is on everyone’s wish-list. However, making it a reality financ...
An Organised Life with... Pip & Claire from P.E Nation

An Organised Life with... Pip & Claire from P.E Nation

July 21 2017
Dream team Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning from cult brand P.E Nation are the latest inspiring duo to be featured fo...
Revamp your workspace with these four simple steps

Revamp your workspace with these four simple steps

July 15 2017
OVER COFFEE WITH: Saasha Burns from BEAR

OVER COFFEE WITH: Saasha Burns from BEAR

June 30 2017

In a new segment, I will be interviewing different women from an array of areas, careers & backgrounds who epitomise the words; inspiring, driven & organised. ]

My third interview is with BEAR founder & creative director Saasha Burns. Newly launched, BEAR is a bespoke range of Essential Daily Vitamins made from native plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. As an avid fan myself (since the launch in Byron Bay a few months ago), it was an absolute pleasure chatting to this driven, talented, organised & stunning woman about how & why she began BEAR, how she juggles modelling + work life and her plans for the future...  

NAME: Saasha Burns

 OCCUPATION: Founder & Creative Director of BEAR

 How did ‘BEAR’ come about?

It happened really organically and stemmed from a natural gap we identified when we went to purchase vitamins a number of years ago. Standing in a chemist, we were overwhelmed by choice and honestly didn’t know which brand we could trust to deliver real benefits. My husband Sam and I founded BEAR to solve this underlying fog that surrounds the current vitamin landscape. The discerning BEAR customer has experienced the same frustration; standing in a chemist or supermarket trying to decipher the aisles packed with a mryiad of low-quality supplements.

Our bespoke range of Essential Daily Vitamins are based on four distinct lifestyle territories, are gender neutral and contain the highest quality, simplified ingredients proven in efficacy, safety and stability.

What gave you the confidence to start BEAR & how did you know the time was right?

We both had experience in other areas of business and Sam had recently completed his MBA, but we took a fresh perspective to the industry and questioned every facet of the traditional vitamin supply chain. From the start, we were always clear about our insights and vision for BEAR and set out to develop a high quality Australian product based on simplicity, design and function. It’s been a journey of research and discovery and we had worked closely with a strong team of natropaths, compounding pharamsists and medical professionals for over two years before we launched. We are always refining our ideas and processes, always looking to the future. We felt it was the perfect time to launch BEAR as the supplement industry had never been more confusing, yet the solution had never been clearer.

There really is no better time than now to ‘just start’ and excecute your ideas. We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response since our launch and the support has been incredible from our family and friends.

What is the one piece of advice you would give budding entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?

From the beginning we built a strong network of thought leaders who helped guide us across all facets of our business, from our legal foundation to our operational processes. We were really fortunate that we could draw on such an amazing, well-credentialed group of people early on in the BEAR journey who helped challenge our thinking and bring our ideas to life. This would my first recommendation to starting a new business.

 To date, who have you looked up to over your career?

Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox – for her inate sense of style, leadership, authenticity and kindness. 

Work wise, what has been your highlight & your most challenging moment/s to date?

The most challenging moments are always the most rewarding. Each year brings new opportinuties and I have been fortunate to work with and meet some incredibly talented people as Creative Director of BEAR, with my work as a model with Chadwick and travel writer for my website Straat Stories. Launching BEAR in Mecca across Australia and New Zealand has been a definite career highlight and I’m excited to conitue to challenge ourselves and the build the BEAR brand moving forward.

Saasha Burns, BEAR_bespoke PR_1.jpeg

And… in general how do you manage / juggle BEAR life with your modelling / influencer life?

I try to be as flexible as possible with my schedule. At the start of every year I set some goals, both big and small, and work out our international travel plans for the months ahead. Each week is different and I still like to document my schedule in a hard copy diary. I like to include a number of daily health rituals into my routine which helps to keep me focused – such as going for a long walk, a hot yoga class or getting an early night sleep.

What are the top 3 ways you organise your life?

1. I love setting goals and focus points at the start of every year, and revisiting them every few months.

2. Rising early sets me up to be creative and productive – a few coffees also help keep me focused!

3. I always use a diary to physically document my days – meetings, projects and achievements.

What is your workspace style & what essentials would we find on your desk at the moment?

My desk is surpringsly organized! You’ll find a few of my favourite publications including Cereal and Russh, alongside a Le Labo Santal 26 candle and our BEAR Explore Essential Daily Vitamins. I also have a framed wedding photo of Sammy and his mates in their tuxedos overlooking the Amalfi Coast. I’d love to go back to that moment…

How would you describe your personal style in 3-5 words…

Understated, yet refined. My staples are high waisted denim, a black boyfriend tee and my Acne leather jacket. 

Where to from here? What are your personal career goals & plans for BEAR?

We are always looking to the future and planning our next adventure. I love being challenged and feel most inspired when travelling, meeting new people and exploring new cities. With BEAR, we are in the process of developing a new product range which we hope to launch later in the year. We’ve had an amazing international response to the brand and we will be basing ourselves in London in August and are really excited by the new opportunities that will bring. With Straat Stories, I am working with some amazing brands on their content strategies, both within Australia and overseas. I can’t wait to share what we have been working on!





This sunday routine will set you up for an organised week

This sunday routine will set you up for an organised week

June 17 2017

There is nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Set yourself up for a productive & organised week by getting ready & prepared on a Sunday. 

Here are the 5 small things that I recommend you do on a Sunday!

AOL_Mon Purse_June 2017_4-2.jpg

1. Check your diary & prepare for the week (10-15 Minutes)

Preparation is key to getting your mind in the right head space to tackle the week ahead. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down with your diary & look over your schedule for the week. 

  • What nights will you not be home for dinner?
  • What days do you need to pack your gym gear?
  • Do you have any pre-work coffees & need to set an earlier alarm on that day?
  • Are there any important meetings booked that you need to plan a #girlboss outfit for?

Once you're feeling confident with your schedule for the week - take the time to write a big to-do list for your Monday (follow my guide on to-do list writing here) and set any alarms or reminders you need to on your phone. 

2. Plan your meals for the week (10-15 Minutes)

Monday to Friday is usually a fast-paced hectic time for most. Make your life a little bit easier by planning your meals for the week. 

If you don't have time on your side, order your groceries online & make dinner options that can also be used as lunches! Eg. Soups are a delicious, easy & low cost option for winter.

I have taken this task one step further by ordering HelloFresh (for over a year now - not sponsored!) which is delivered to my apartment every Sunday with x5 amazing meals. I simply pick a recipe card every night & follow the thorough steps! I'm obsessed

3. De-Clutter (10-15 Minutes)

It's very common & easy to accumulate an assortment of clutter & mess during the working week & weekend. Spend 10 minutes on a Sunday evening doing a quick clean up so your apartment, wardrobe, and handbag feels organised & de-cluttered. Clean space = a clear mind. 


  • Hang up any loose clothing & organise your wardrobe
  • Re-organise your bathroom cabinet faves in order of what you use first to last in the morning
  • Empty your handbag & get rid of any unneeded things e.g loose paper, makeup, extra sunglasses. And add in anything that's missing eg. house keys or an umbrella.
  • Put away your laundry
  • Clean up any mess in your home

4. Prep Your Outfits (10 Minutes)

It may sound silly but planning your outfits on a Sunday will save you a lot of stress & time. I always check the weather for the week ahead and roughly plan my looks around the temperature, meetings, events etc so that I feel comfortable and confident. It makes your morning routine a lot faster!

It's also a good idea to do your laundry during the weekend ready for the week ahead as well.  

5. Relax (30 Minutes)

It's important to have some R&R time on a Sunday before you head into the working week again. Do something that makes you feel happy & calm. And... also make sure you go to bed early on a Sunday so you feel refreshed and ready to go when that Monday morning alarm goes off. 

    I hope this helps!! Have a good week x 

    OVER COFFEE WITH: Julie Stevanja from StyleRunner

    OVER COFFEE WITH: Julie Stevanja from StyleRunner

    June 17 2017

    In a new segment, I will be interviewing different women from an array of areas, careers & backgrounds who epitomise the words; inspiring, driven & organised. ]

    My second interview is with StyleRunner founder Julie Stevanja. Founded in 2012, the premium activewear e-store has had huge success boasting a community of over half a million fans & becoming the largest online activewear e-tailer in the world. Offering a coveted range of brands and product like no other, I chatted to Julie about how she began StyleRunner, her highlights + challenges & her advice for others thinking of starting a business. 

    How did StyleRunner come about?

    I was actually living in London at the time working in the tech industry. I was attending Bikram yoga 5 times a week and was finding it really hard to buy fashionable activewear, so the idea was born to create an online destination carrying beautiful premium activewear. The idea was born really out of a personal need and I reasoned that if I was facing this problem, then there was probably many others in the same position. 

    What gave you the confidence to start StyleRunner & how did you know the time was right?

    The online business model seemed to make sense for the activewear category as we were targeting time poor professionals.  My background in tech start-ups at the time also gave me the confidence to launch STYLERUNNER.

    What is the one piece of advice your would give budding entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?

    I think women in general are sometimes afraid to back themselves. I remember reading many stories about the incredible former Westpac CEO Gail Kelly where she often spoke about women having the courage to back themselves. Nobody will ever be 100% ready for taking a leap into the unknown so at some point, you just need to back yourself. Anyone considering starting a business I would recommend to educate yourself about the industry as much as possible and then just go for it.

    What has been your highlight & your most challenging moment to date as a business women?

    Oh there are so many highlights but being named Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2016 at the World Retail Awards is definitely up there! The challenges are daily, from product to sales to staffing there hasn't been one moment per se that was the most challenging. I guess the breakthrough moment for me was learning to always remember the big picture, your vision for your company and why you set out to do it in the first place. I have learnt that maintaing that vision can help you manage any number of crises that may cross your desk on a given day!


    An Organised Life with... Alison Rice

    An Organised Life with... Alison Rice

    June 12 2017
    Absolute power-woman Alison Rice from POPSUGAR, Who What Wear, Byrdie + MyDomaine is the latest inspiring individual ...
    7 travel essentials you should carry in your handbag at all times

    7 travel essentials you should carry in your handbag at all times

    June 01 2017

    When you’re travelling around, there is nothing worse than carrying a heavy handbag full of un-needed bits and pieces. Invest in a small leather handbag that has versatile compartments for carrying these 7 functional essentials and have the time of your life exploring new beaches, cities, and destinations with ease & comfort!  

    TIP: Always invest in a handbag with a long strap so you can hang it over your shoulder or across your chest. 


    1.  PASSPORT + I.D

    A non-negotiable for any trip, always make sure you carry a valid form of I.D or your Passport on you at all times. 


    2. CAMERA

    An essential so you can capture those pinch me moment during your trip. My go-to is the LUMIX DMC-LX100.



    Don’t get caught out with no source of communication. It’s really important when you travel to make sure you have ample charge on your mobile incase of an emergency.



    Invest in a small leather pouch that can hold your emergency kit including Panadol, Band Aids, Detol Wipes, Lip Balm, Mini Sunscreen, Hair Tie, Medication, Sunglasses.


    5.  WALLET

    No explanation needed! 



    When you’re out exploring beautiful locations & cities sometimes day can quickly turn into night. Carrying your beauty faves with you (just the essentials like tinted moisturiser, lipstick, mascara, mini perfume) can allow you dress up your look ready for dinner and cocktails! 



    Write down everything from your accommodation address and emergency contacts to your favourite moments from each day and recommendations others have given you. 


    EXTRA: If possible carry a turkish towel or lightweight scarf with you. It’s the perfect accessory for multiple purposes, including using it as a throw, beach towel, sun protection, sarong, head scarf etc. 

    NOTE: Special thank you and shout out to Panasonic and LUMIX for my beautiful new camera


    An Organised Life with... Karla & Candice from Zulu & Zephyr

    An Organised Life with... Karla & Candice from Zulu & Zephyr

    May 30 2017
    Designer dream team (& sisters), Karla & Candice from Zulu & Zephyr are the latest inspiring duo to be fe...
    Three simple ways to organise your life this week

    Three simple ways to organise your life this week

    May 23 2017
    Fashion Week organisation according to Vogue, theUNDONE + Hansen & Gretel.

    Fashion Week organisation according to Vogue, theUNDONE + Hansen & ...

    May 17 2017
    AOL_Sara Donaldson.png

    SARA DONALDSON (Influencer + Buyer)

    OCCUPATION: Founder of Harper & Harley + theUNDONE

    What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA as both an influencer & a buyer?

    For Harper and Harley I’ll be attending and covering shows via social media channels, shooting content for my own coverage and working with selected brands to deliver campaign components during the week. Additionally, to finish off the week I’ll be on one of the panels for the Ragtrader seminar series on the Friday.

    Then as the buyer for The UNDONE I have Resort collection appointments between the shows and back to back on the Thursday, which i’ll then work on over the weekend and the following week. 

    What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

    I make sure I have all of my appointments, campaign deliverables, times and locations written down in both my digital calendar as well as on a single sheet of paper I can pop into my bag incase of technical emergency. 

    Its important to check nothing overlaps and I have enough travel time to get to where I need to go, as not everything is at the main Carriageworks location. Its also important to keep in mind that shows doesn’t always run to schedule so a little contingency is a good idea. 

    How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

    I’ll always getting up early and working from home in the mornings and then luckily the office is close by Carriageworks so I can pop in during a longer break, although it currently doesn't look like i’ll have too many of those. Above all I make sure I prioritise sleep and eating well during fashion week, as my work load only gets bigger the following weeks when all domestic and international orders are due. At the end of the day its a marathon, not a sprint. 

    Image by:

    Image by:


    OCCUPATION: Associate Editor @ Vogue Australia

    What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA?

    Every day is completely different. From running around doing interviews with buyers and designers to backstage at shows interviewing make-up artists - I will pretty much be everywhere and running around a lot. There's also a lot of running back to the office, writing up news and interviews and being on my phone!

    What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

    The week before I try to have all my interview questions prepped, my portable chargers charged up and my outfits sorted so the week of I don't need to stress. We have a huge spreadsheet for the team to work off. Bascailly it details who will be where and covering what - this is my bible for the week. Otherwise my phone calendar has all my timings and important information. 

    How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

    There are so many emails in the uber and my laptop will come everywhere with me so I can log in and upload wherever I am. Luckily with online we can schedule a lot before hand or upload from anywhere - it makes a difference. There will be some really late nights in the office

    What do you look for when watching the shows? Do you take notes while you are watching?

    At the shows we're looking  for trends, news and good moments for Instagram. We're always on!

    What's your favourite thing about MBFWA?

    It's really hard work but it is nice to catch up with everyone you work with (who you only talk to on email? Face to face. Plus, there is a real excitment about seeing shows and being in the middle of it all. 

    AINSLEY HANSEN (Designer)

    OCCUPATION: Founder of Hansen & Gretel

    What's the inspiration behind your collection? And what made you decide to show this year?

    HANSEN & GRETEL is receiving increasing attention from overseas buyers so we wanted to showcase our collection on a global platform such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to engage with the international following for the brand. Our ‘Stay Wild, Child’ Resort 17 collection was inspired by the various multitude of feminine archetypes. Youthful prints, a bohemian attitude, and robust, modernist lines create an accessible collection for every occasion.

    How are you finding the lead up to the show & how are you handling the workload/stress?

    Happily hectic is how I would best describe the lead up to our MBFWA debut.

    What organisation tricks are getting you through the endless deadlines pre show?

    I am grateful for the generous support from my team and continued understanding from loved ones. Various diary app’s are assisting my workload and ensuring deadlines are met, with special thanks to Wunderlist ;)

    How are you planning to celebrate post show?!

    It’s important to celebrate milestones such as this and acknowledge those who assisted in the journey to get here. Whilst I can’t imagine there will be much rest for the wicked, I’m sure we’ll be popping a bottle (or ten) after the show.

    An organised life with Lara Worthington from the base

    An organised life with Lara Worthington from the base

    May 11 2017
      One of my favourite interviews & shoots to date - An Organised Life with Lara Worthing...
    What my mother taught me according to these successful women

    What my mother taught me according to these successful women

    May 11 2017
    NAME: Alanna Quin OCCUPATION: Founder of AYU / Senior Account Manager at GoLightly PR What was the best piece of ad...
    Four things my mum tought me

    Four things my mum tought me

    May 09 2017
    Myself, Mum (middle) & our family friend Sue @ a wedding last month To celebrate Mother’s Day, I wan...
    Over coffee with: Anine Bing

    Over coffee with: Anine Bing

    April 19 2017
    In a new segment, I will be interviewing different women from an array of areas, careers & backgrounds who epitom...
    Reflect & move on: How I have learnt from my mistakes

    Reflect & move on: How I have learnt from my mistakes

    April 18 2017
    NOTE: This is a little bit of a personal post, but hopefully it gives some comfort to others out there! Personally, I...
    These successful women share their morning routines at the office with An Organised Life…

    These successful women share their morning routines at the office w...

    March 12 2017

    Everyone has a different routine when it comes to getting physically & mentally prepared for the day ahead. There is no secret or perfect formula - but creating a routine that is stress-free, efficient & organised can definitely help. I had the pleasure of chatting to x3 successful women including international designer Bella Freud, stylist Emma Kalfus & founder of Steele, Jessica Reid about how they prepare for the day, how they stay organised & what they spend their first 30 minutes doing when they get to the office...



    Bella Freud is the founder & creative talent behind the eponymous fashion label that has gained a cult following internationally. Established in 1990, Bella Freud is renowned for her signature jumpers Je t’aime Jane, Ginsberg is God and 1970. Fans of the label include an array of inspiring women such as Alexa Chung, Laura Bailey, Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart. Find out how Bella prepares for her day & stays organised...

    1. How do you prepare for the day?

    I am quite a slow starter to the day so I have to build in time to go at a snail’s pace. I wake up to the alarm at 6:50 am and snooze for 10 minutes. Then I get up and make a cup of hot water and lemon juice and do seven minutes of shoulder exercises to stop me from having terrible tension headaches and migraines. I do the exercises to a song, my current fave is Get up Offa that Thing by James Brown – so cheering. Then I have a shower which ends with one minute of freezing cold, which weirdly puts me in a good mood.

    I get dressed quickly, usually I wear one of my jumpers. I feel the cold so right now I wear one of my men’s zip ups on top, my green corduroy coat and another fur lined coat on top, I love layers. Before the coat stage I start coaxing my teenage son out of bed around 7:30 am, make him porridge or whatever he wants. The highlight of my morning is making myself strong expresso coffee in an Italian pewter thing and sipping it boiling hot from a small glass, the buzz is so good. Just before I leave I spritz myself with my 1970 eau de parfum then out of the door to drive Jimmy to school. He listens to music on his phone and I listen to Radio 4 news programs, rather gloomy these days.

    2. What does your morning routine look like & how do you spend your first 30 mins at the office?

    When I get to the office I usually make myself more coffee and sometimes a piece of rye toast if I haven't eaten yet. My studio is one big lovely sun filled room, the only place to hide is the kitchen so if I have to concentrate I go in there, usually with my two right hand colleagues Lilian and Lucy. We talk about how to push the collection forward, there’s always a collection or collaboration on the go. If I have ideas waiting to come out I'll start drawing immediately, I'm always so pleased if this happens as everyone else is happy with me then. 

    3. What are the top 3 ways you organise your life?

    I make lists. I mostly write them in my sketch book or on a scrap of paper, I don’t like computer calendars, I like writing out what I want to do, it triggers my memory. I write myself messages on my hand too. Then if I'm overwhelmed I get my pa to text me so I don't forget. I try and get away from the office in order to open my mind and keep stimulated. My job is to have ideas and that needs a certain feeling of freedom – even if it’s quite disciplined.

    Photography by Mary McCartney / Shop Bella Freud at MECCA



    Emma Kalfus is a Sydney based stylist & the contributing fashion editor at Elle Australia. With a background in magazine editorial, this talented & stylish beauty is one organised lady. Find out more below...

    1. How do you prepare for the day?

    Right now I try and get a swim in every morning, be it after a jog or just a quick dip if the day is hot enough.

    2. What does your morning routine look like & how do you spend your first 30mins at the office?

    My morning routine is very quick and simple. After my swim I head home and shower, dress, do h&mu (more often than not whilst in the car) and swing past Shuk for my morning coffee and (sometimes) breakfast…

    When I arrive in the office I fill up my water jug, arrange my desk and to do list for the day!

    3. What are the top 3 ways you organise your life?

    I have always been a list maker. I try to start a fresh page in my AOL notebook every morning and EOD.

    I also like to keep my calendar itemised and up to date with absolutely EVERYTHING!

    I cross check apple i-cal with my hard copy diary religiously. My AOL diary is also full of eraser shavings as I try and use lead pencil for all the ongoing changes…




    Jessica Reid is the founder behind Melbourne based fashion label s t e e l e. Renowned for its take on tough luxe glamour for the modern boheme, s t e e l e ' s vision is to inspire strength through femininity. Read more below about how Jessica stays organised & prepares for the day...

    How do you prepare for the day?

    I start the night before by making a list of ‘to do’s’ for the next day, this prepares me for the morning and stops my mind ticking overnight. Each morning, I make a point of always have a healthy and substantial breakfast. This sets me up for the busy day to come, I have one coffee a day in the morning.

    What does your morning routine look like & how do you spend your first 30mins at the office?

    My days start with a crazy hour of fun & madness with my daughter, Asher, before our daily walk together to daycare. She scooters and I run. After that I return home, change and whip into the studio. The first 30 mins are used to reply to urgent emails received overnight, usually from the USA, I seize the window to communicate with them during their office hours.

    What are the top 3 ways you organise your life?

    1. A shared calendar with my husband, Ben. Our schedules are busy between two separate businesses and our daughter, we use this calendar to forward plan and support each other and our family.

    2. I forward plan my travels meticulously, this way I can schedule in design windows and time for business strategy in advance.

    3. A weekly work schedule. My schedule breaks down who I meet with in my team each day, and what my focus will be. Some days are dedicated to business development and strategy, whilst others are more creative and centre around design.


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