Organise your life with the 'Everyday Essentials' downloadable kit

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The An Organised Life 'Everyday Essentials' downloadable kit offers all the staples you need to get through the working week stress free. 

Consisting of x3 different A4 designs; a Weekly Planner, Daily Planner & To Do List Planner, the kit can be printed easily on any printer and will keep your time management & organisation on point! 

An Organised Life_Everyday Essentials 2
  • Weekly Planner - perfect for seeing an overview of your week. The Weekly Planner has a different section for each day including an area to start jotting down reminders / jobs for the following week. Customise your Weekly Planner by filling out your own dates & days, allowing this planner to be re-printable every week. Please note there are x2 different versions of the weekly planner included in this kit. One with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc and one that is completely blank for those who want to customise there own. 
  • Daily Planner - an essential for planning out your day & powering through your fast paced schedule with impeccable time management! The Daily Planner includes 30mins time slots starting from 8am and going through to 6pm.


An Organised Life_Everyday Essentials 3
  • To Do List - Take your organisation one step further with the downloadable A4 To Do List. This is the perfect essential for nutting out any big projects, events or shoots that need that extra bit of planning & prep. Utilise the To Do List planner to write down everything & anything you need to do in order to complete your project the best you possibly can. From there prioritise what you need to do and start adding the jobs / tasks into your Weekly & Daily Planner. 

Once you have purchased the 'Everyday Essentials' downloadable kit a link to download the artwork will appear at the order confirmation page. Click Download Now. Simply save the kit onto your computer or laptop and print the artwork on any A4 printer. Enjoy! 



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