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Travel Journal · September 08, 2014


Recently I embarked on a 2 weeks Mother/Daughter adventure around the Greek Islands!! It was beyond amazing! I loved every minute of the beautiful views, delicious food and extremely hot sunny days! I would highly recommend visiting this stunning place of the world! Below are a list of my favourites restaurants and areas of Athens, Santorini and Mykonos! Enjoy x

(Image above: View from the Villa Ilias Hotel in Firostefani & a pathway in Firostefani)


Santorini was my absolute favourite place of the trip! Stunning views, extremely nice people, and delicious food. We stayed in Firostefani (relaxing and quiet), I loved this location! In 5-10 minutes I was able to walk into Fira (the main township) to see the hustle and bustle of the shops and restaurants, however I could quickly get pack to peaceful Firostefani. The refreshing blue and white colour palette of the building and churches are breathtaking and I enjoyed relaxing by the pool soaking up the surroundings.

Favourite Place to Eat: I loved Onar in Firostefani. Delicious Greek Salads, cocktails and desserts! 

Tours: I would recommend doing an Island tour the first full day you are in Santorini, this includes beach tours, ruins, wine tastings, the famous Oia sunset and more! You will get your bearings and then can decide where you want to visit again. 

Transport: I would not recommend hiring a motorbike on this Island! The roads are insanely busy and it is not safe at all! After a day on the tour, we walked everywhere and if need be we could catch a bus.

Accommodation: For the beautiful views and relaxing vibe you definitely want to stay on the Caldera side of the island. We stayed at the quiet, family run Villa Ilias Hotel and would definitely stay there again. Although the rooms were small, they were very clean and we loved relaxing by the pool. Their staff were amazing and it was right near the main footpath that lead to all the restaurants and Fira township. 

Weather in August: Santorini was between 30-37 degrees each day, however there is no wind on the island! It is important to carry bottled water with you and to wear a hat every day to avoid heat stroke! 

Note: Fira and Oia are great to see once or twice but they are extremely busy! We ventured to Oia for dinner & to watch the sunset on one night and looked at Fira township during the day but I loved staying in Firostefani where we could relax. 

(Image above: Acropolis hill and Santorini Sunset)

(Image above: View from the Villa Ilias Hotel in Firostefani & a pathway in Firostefani)



Mum and I felt a wee bit overwhelmed when we arrived in Mykonos! It is definitely a party island compared to Santorini which is pure relaxation! However after a day or so exploring the whole island, we managed to find our happy place on some small relaxing beaches opposed to the likes of Paradise Beach that is renowned for its parties.

Beach Life: Our favourite beach on the island was called Agios Ioannis (stands for Saint John). This beach was quiet, relaxing and had beautiful crystal clear water. We relaxed on the deck chairs with an umbrella, our favourite books & stunning views! I would highly recommend eating or ordering a delicious drink from Hippie Fish too! 

Favourite Place to Eat: Mum and I really enjoyed Farina at Ornos Beach. They had the most amazing Strawberry Mojitos and traditional pizzas that were delicious! 

Little Italy / Mykonos Town: It is definitely worth venturing into Mykonos township to indulge in a beautiful dinner while the sunsets! Head in at around 5pm to avoid the crowds and get lost wondering around all the tiny streets filled with retails stores and authentic restaurants. Little Venice is along the water front and has an array of restaurants too. 

Transport: Mykonos is a lot more spread out than Santorini! The bus system is really good and their are a lot of places to hire motorbikes and scooters too. Take extra care though! The drivers are crazy! 

Weather in August: Mykonos has a lot more wind than Santorini, although it was still over 30 degrees everyday, the wind was a lot stronger, which sometimes was a relief to break up the heat! 



Although I was only in Athens for a brief time during the trip, I thoroughly enjoyed Acropolis Hill.  I would recommend avoiding the crowds by going up to the ruins at 7pm (it closes at 8pm)! We had the most amazing views while the sun was setting, followed by a delicious dinner at Dionysos at the bottom of the hill.

Overall I Couldn't Live With Out:

I hope this helps anyone travelling to The Greek Islands! It is such a beautiful part of the world, that is definitely worth venturing too! Please feel free to touch base with me if you have any other specific questions -

(Image above: Ornos Beach in Mykonos)

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