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In my suitcase - how I mix & match when I travel

An Organised Life, How to... · April 25, 2017

Im off to NZ this week and when it comes to packing (especially over the cooler months) it's important to pack in outfits. This strategy allows you to make the most of your luggage space knowing there are no random pieces that wont be used.

TIP: Look ahead at your itinerary + the weather and try to plan at least two outfit options per piece of clothing. Mix & match styles are perfect for this including denim jeans, classic tees, knits, coats etc. Be realistic and never over pack.

As a guide - below are my pieces & outfits packed for NZ this week - (outfits galore):









  • Sports gear
  • Pajama's
  • Underwear
  • Hair curler
  • Mini travel toiletries
  • Passport
  • Diary & laptop


I love having a list on my phone or in my diary of all my outfit options! It's great for planning ahead and knowing what you have for every occasion when you travel. 

Also, when you go with the mix & match method, you get a lot of outfit options for minimal packing space. I'm a huge fan of this! 

TIP: Make sure you pack lots of small accessories - belts, silk neck scarves, jewellery - these can dress up your outfits with ease. 

  1. Black silk dress layered with my LS black top or white tee & boots (+ wool coat for warmth)
  2. Black silk dress with blazer & white sneakers (gold accessories)
  3. Blazer, blue mom jeans, white tee, white sneakers + silk neck scarf
  4. Blue mom jeans, belt, black boots & grey or black knit (jewellery)
  5. Black jeans, white tee, belt & wool coat with white sneakers
  6. Black jeans, black LS top, silk neck scarf, coat & black boots
  7. Black sleeveless dress with grey or black knit underneath styled with boots (gold accessories)
  8. Black sleeveless dress with black LS knit or tee & sneakers (fur coat for warmth) 
  9. A Line skirt with grey or black knit & boots or sneakers
  10. A line skirt with black of white tee, boots & blazer


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