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How to achieve your goals by the end of 2016

As many of you know I am a huge lover of writing goals! Big & small goals, personal & business goals. However realistically there is a lot more involved than just writing your goals down in your diary in order to achieving them. Below is a bit of a guide on how to ensure you actually achieve your goals before 2016 is over!



Write a list of your goals - split them into the below categories

Personal: For example - Work out 3 times a week; or have a healthy work-life balance by doing X & Y; or focus on a healthy balanced diet. 

Professional: For example - Build my business by focusing on X,Y & Z; or meet all my KPI’s to work towards X, Y & Z; or get a job promotion by doing X,Y & Z.

Financial: For example - Save for a trip to New York; or grow my sales by X amount; etc.

TIP: Try to be as specific as you can



Now it’s time to get realistic & nut out how you can actually achieve each goal. Below are a few points to think about:

* What exactly am I hoping to achieve?

* When do I want to achieve this goal by?

* What stepping stones can I implement along the way to help achieve this goal?

* What issues or hurdles might I face along the way? & how can I overcome these?


See an example below of how to answer these questions using my goal to have a fit & healthy body/well-being


* What exactly am I hoping to achieve? 

Having a fit & healthy body that I feel confident wearing a bikini in


* When do I want to achieve this goal by? 

30th October 2016 (ready for Sydney summer) 


* What stepping stones can I implement along the way to help achieve this goal?

Starting out by doing x1-2 classes a week, add in more walks or increase classes 

Fortnightly measurements so I can physically see my progress

Plan my meals in advance, setting aside time on the weekend to cook healthy lunch or dinner options

Walking everywhere I can in the weekend rather than driving

Drink more water - limit coffee


* What issues or hurdles might I face along the way? & how can I overcome these?

ISSUE: Time poor with busy periods of An Organised Life 

OUTCOME: Try to maintain a minimum of 2 classes per week even over busy periods. If this isn't possible then try to at least eat extra healthy & keep hydrated over the busy period. 


ISSUE: Sweet Tooth! 

OUTCOME: Allow my self to be more lenient on my diet in the the weekend if I am super healthy during the week - everything in moderation. 

Note: The most important thing to remember for Step 2 is to be honest & realistic



Once you have a clear understanding and vision on how you can realistically achieve your goal/s - put an action plan in place with small milestones in your diary &/or in the Goal Planner attached and make sure you pop it somewhere that you can always see it. Trust me - if you write it down, you are more likely to tick each step off. If you can’t see the plan - you probably wont see your goal/s through. 



Now that you are underway to achieving your goals - make sure you celebrate the small milestones along the way. Remember all of these small actions & tasks are helping you get one step closer to that big goals. Reward yourself for your handwork & commitment. 



Achieve your goals! Trust me if you follow your action plan & stepping stones - you will be at Step 5 before you know it!

Good Luck! x


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