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Get The Look: The Neutral Home

As you all will know, 99% of the time I always stick to a monochrome colour palette of black and white. However when it comes to my home, I love adding neutral tones & textures to keep the space fresh, light and balanced. 

Recently I moved apartments and (thankfully) have much more space to play with including the addition of a Matt Blatt dining table! Below is a little preview of the new space & how to get the look of a neutral living room. 

1. Add A Statement Dining Table

Adding a strong statement dining table to your room will lift the space instantly. I recently fell in love with this stunning Empire Concrete Dining Table from Matt Blatt accompanied with the Replica Patrick Norguet Compas Chairs from Matt Blatt as well. The contrast between the strong straight edges of the table and soft curved chairs is something I find really interesting in the space. 

2. Dress Up Your Walls

When creating a neutral home, make the most of your wall space. Dress them up with a variety of photography, prints & typography that reflects your personality. The key to creating a fab photo wall is also having variety in the size of the imagery & frames. 

TIP: Artwork is one of the easiest & most cost effective ways to change up your space as well. From your favourite magazine editorials to investment pieces by your favourite designer - take the time to search for pieces that inspire you and will elevate your space. Shop some of my favourite pieces from my living room here, here, here & here

3. Add A Touch Of Green

 I always think it's important to add a touch of greenery to a space. I don't know what it is, but it always brings a fresh & relaxing element to a room. Personally I love Peace Lily's, & Fiddle Leaf Figs which thrive inside.

TIP: To add variety invest in a luxe plant stand from Ivy Muse to give your greenery height & hierarchy. 


4. Texture, Texture, Texture

Adding textures to your space is one of the easiest ways to add neutral tones. From rugs & throws to wooden picture frames & cushions - add some warmer tones through beige, stone, grey & off white textures. 

5. Stick To The 1/3 Rule

When you have a neutral space with a dominant monochrome colour palette, it's vital to get the hierarchy of light & dark exactly right. For me I like to go with 2/3rd's light, 1/3rd dark.

6. Final Touches

And finally, add those personal touches that make the space 'you'. From your favourite Tom Dixon & Diptyque Candles to those finer pieces that have so much meaning. Just remember to try and keep to your neutral theme. 

Imagery by: Hannah Rouche & from Ivy Muse

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