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Four things my mum tought me

Myself, Mum (middle) & our family friend Sue @ a wedding last month

Myself, Mum (middle) & our family friend Sue @ a wedding last month

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I wanted to share with you four things my mum, Cheryl, has taught me that have helped me to grow & be the woman I am today.

ONE: Be patient & resilient

As a bit of background, I grew up in the small region of Marlborough, New Zealand with my parents & my younger brother. After primary school, I went to boarding school in Christchurch (age 13) for my high school years and onto to Auckland for university. I was literally the most homesick child you could get when I went to boarding school! I’m such a family person and missed home incredibly (I still do), however through all the crying nights my mum (& dad!) supported me & encouraged me to keep going. Mum taught me the power of patience & resilience & to always see the positives in a situation. I was very lucky to go to boarding school- the opportunities were endless & I meet some amazing people.


TWO: Always see the best in people

My mum is one of those people who is alway positive, & see’s the best in everyone. She’s very rarely negative and is always the one smiling & chatting away when she meets a new group of people. It’s something I wish I was more confident at doing. No one is perfect - everyone has their good & bad days, and everyone has a positive side. This is something mum has taught me from a young age. 


THREE: Work Hard & Communicate

Life is fast paced, and not always easy. Mum has always taught me to work hard in what ever I am doing - whether it was back in the day when I was doing ballet 8 hours a day, or studying for my Graphic Design degree or (more recently) starting my own business - if you work hard, & communicate it will go a long way!


FOUR: Be Respectful

The fourth thing (out of many) my mum has taught me is to be respectful. No matter what, respect is a value that is very important in all aspects of life - your family, your work colleagues, your friends, & strangers. 

Overall my mum's the best! And she puts up with my long, waffling phone calls every single day! One of a kind!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there & enjoy your special day this Sunday! x

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