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Fashion Week organisation according to Vogue, theUNDONE + Hansen & Gretel.

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SARA DONALDSON (Influencer + Buyer)

OCCUPATION: Founder of Harper & Harley + theUNDONE

What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA as both an influencer & a buyer?

For Harper and Harley I’ll be attending and covering shows via social media channels, shooting content for my own coverage and working with selected brands to deliver campaign components during the week. Additionally, to finish off the week I’ll be on one of the panels for the Ragtrader seminar series on the Friday.

Then as the buyer for The UNDONE I have Resort collection appointments between the shows and back to back on the Thursday, which i’ll then work on over the weekend and the following week. 

What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

I make sure I have all of my appointments, campaign deliverables, times and locations written down in both my digital calendar as well as on a single sheet of paper I can pop into my bag incase of technical emergency. 

Its important to check nothing overlaps and I have enough travel time to get to where I need to go, as not everything is at the main Carriageworks location. Its also important to keep in mind that shows doesn’t always run to schedule so a little contingency is a good idea. 

How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

I’ll always getting up early and working from home in the mornings and then luckily the office is close by Carriageworks so I can pop in during a longer break, although it currently doesn't look like i’ll have too many of those. Above all I make sure I prioritise sleep and eating well during fashion week, as my work load only gets bigger the following weeks when all domestic and international orders are due. At the end of the day its a marathon, not a sprint. 

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OCCUPATION: Associate Editor @ Vogue Australia

What does a typical day look like for you over MBFWA?

Every day is completely different. From running around doing interviews with buyers and designers to backstage at shows interviewing make-up artists - I will pretty much be everywhere and running around a lot. There's also a lot of running back to the office, writing up news and interviews and being on my phone!

What organisation tricks get you through the crazy schedule of that week? 

The week before I try to have all my interview questions prepped, my portable chargers charged up and my outfits sorted so the week of I don't need to stress. We have a huge spreadsheet for the team to work off. Bascailly it details who will be where and covering what - this is my bible for the week. Otherwise my phone calendar has all my timings and important information. 

How do you prioritise your workload that week when you are out of the office so much? 

There are so many emails in the uber and my laptop will come everywhere with me so I can log in and upload wherever I am. Luckily with online we can schedule a lot before hand or upload from anywhere - it makes a difference. There will be some really late nights in the office

What do you look for when watching the shows? Do you take notes while you are watching?

At the shows we're looking  for trends, news and good moments for Instagram. We're always on!

What's your favourite thing about MBFWA?

It's really hard work but it is nice to catch up with everyone you work with (who you only talk to on email? Face to face. Plus, there is a real excitment about seeing shows and being in the middle of it all. 


OCCUPATION: Founder of Hansen & Gretel

What's the inspiration behind your collection? And what made you decide to show this year?

HANSEN & GRETEL is receiving increasing attention from overseas buyers so we wanted to showcase our collection on a global platform such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to engage with the international following for the brand. Our ‘Stay Wild, Child’ Resort 17 collection was inspired by the various multitude of feminine archetypes. Youthful prints, a bohemian attitude, and robust, modernist lines create an accessible collection for every occasion.

How are you finding the lead up to the show & how are you handling the workload/stress?

Happily hectic is how I would best describe the lead up to our MBFWA debut.

What organisation tricks are getting you through the endless deadlines pre show?

I am grateful for the generous support from my team and continued understanding from loved ones. Various diary app’s are assisting my workload and ensuring deadlines are met, with special thanks to Wunderlist ;)

How are you planning to celebrate post show?!

It’s important to celebrate milestones such as this and acknowledge those who assisted in the journey to get here. Whilst I can’t imagine there will be much rest for the wicked, I’m sure we’ll be popping a bottle (or ten) after the show.

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