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Ana Piteria (Director) & Meghan Hosie (Account Manager) are the powerhouse duo behind the successful PR & Sales Agency OMGFIVE, which focuses on new-wave media and digital presence.  Representing an array of premium clients such as Anna Quan, Holly Ryan, Lonely, Kate Sylvester, Penny Sage, and An Organised Life, OMGFIVE has made a name for itself growing its brands locally & internationally both PR & Sales wise. 

I visited these amazing ladies at the OMGFIVE HQ in Sydney & chatted to them about how they stay organised, their workspace essential & what their biggest piece of advice would be.

Name: Ana Piteira

Occupation: Director of OMGFIVE

How it all began…

While I was studying law, I had an inkling that I was not quite where I wanted to be when I found myself reading through every lecture. I started interning at a Fashion PR Agency and from there secured my first job in the industry. After some time, I decided it was time to start my own agency with a focus on new-wave media and digital presence. 

Biggest pinch me moment…

Moving into our new office in September was a special moment. This is our fourth space in almost as many years but this is the first one that feels so right. I love our ceiling-high windows because it means we are so spoilt with natural light and the space has such a positive feeling about it.


Biggest lesson I’ve learnt along the way…

Follow my gut and take one day at a time. 

I’m inspired by…

Any female entrepreneur out there succeeding at doing what they love. I recently went on a reading binge about Jo Horgan, founder of Mecca Cosmetica, and found her story and empire very inspiring. 

Biggest piece of advice….

Work hard, don’t worry too much (as it doesn’t achieve anything) and look after yourself both physically and mentally. 

Organised to me means….

I have come to terms with the fact that my to-do list will never be complete. I feel organized when I know what needs to be done next- hence my need for writing everything down. 


The top 3 ways I organise my life are…

Task lists - I write a list for everyday and these are generally ordered by priority. I have also recently started bullet journaling and love it. 

Keeping a tidy home and office. I can’t stand clutter and keeping things in their allocated place makes a huge difference to my mental state, especially at times when we are extremely busy. 

Shared calanders – we rely on these so much in the office. Not only does it allow me to plan my day, it means we can always be across each other’s appointments and deadlines.

I can’t leave the house without…

My iphone. 


At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk…

My laptop, Baies Diptyque candle, bottle of water, An Organised Life Notebook and pen, Jo Malone fragrance and mints. 

The OMGFIVE workspace style is…

Clean and open with mid-Century vibes in our meeting area.  

First thing I do when I get to the office is…

Turn on the music, fill up my bottle of water and start tackling the inbox. 


Name: Meghan Hosie    

Occupation: Account Manager

How I began working with OMGFIVE…

I was living abroad in London working and interning for a few years before I came back to Australia to settle down. I started working at a great agency called Little Hero, which unfortunately closed down due to the owner wanting to move on. I was weighing up my employment options and thought OMG would be a great fit. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ana by a mutual friend and we hit it off, the timing was right as the agency was expanding so I got the job.

The best thing about my job…

Working in a friendly environment where everyone supports each other and has a deep passion for the brands we work with. I think PR can be a tricky industry, and finding an agency or brand that is the right fit for you is super important, although it can take time. I was lucky enough to find OMGFIVE!

Biggest pinch me moment of my career to date…

I think one of my proudest moments was when I was working for Opening Ceremony in London and I was lucky enough to be flown over to NYC to work on the companies first ever NYC fashion show and events. I was there for a week working on one of the Piers that had been converted into a shipping container like fashion market just down the road from Milk Studios. The show itself was huge, in an old shipping warehouse full of all the people you dream of having front row at a fashion event. I remember looking around at all the PR team seating people like Justin Bieber and Rhianna and thinking this was a pretty big thing to be part of. Then the after party was pretty off the chains. Working for a company like that had a lot of those moments.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt along the way…

Don’t settle for a job you are not passionate about. 

Biggest piece of advice…

Work hard and learn as much as you can from other people. And...always treat people with respect and as your equal ......... unless they are really horrible and in that case stand up for yourself but always try to remain professional whilst doing so.

Organised to me means….

Calmness of the mind


The top 3 ways I organise my life are…

Spreadsheets are my best friend. I have them for everything. Whether it be contact lists, Pitching Matrix’s or Sales trackers, they are the best way to keep on top of your work, especially when you work in an agency and across multiple brands.

The standard excel or google docs are great for a collaborative office. Share calendars are also a lifesaver in an agency, especially when operating a showroom. It is the best way for everyone to be across all appointments and meetings. 

I think work trackers or to do lists are also important, they keep you accountable for the work you are doing and when you are doing it. I was just shown this great App called Swipes; which is great for keeping you on top of what you have and still need to do.


I can’t leave the house without…

Purse, Phone, Headphones, Opal Card, Sunglasses, Keys – Boring I know but they are my checklist when leaving in the morning

At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk… 

Laptop, An Organised Life diary, candle, another paper notebook, usually a look book or two, perfume, hand crème and sometimes vitamins. I rarely use the handcreme, it is more for show it’s really hard to work when you have moisturised hands!

The OMGFIVE workspace style is…

Well we try for it to be neat and minimal with a touch of flowers and colour, very collaborative, which can be messy at times. I think it is important to leave the office every evening with a neat desk.

First thing I do when I get to the office is…

Open my computer and load the influx of emails. Scroll to see if there is anything super urgent. If not I make a cup of tea and start replying.


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