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An Organised Life With..., Lifestyle · September 04, 2016


Absolute power-woman Lucy Vincent Marr is the fifth inspiring individual I'm excited to feature for 'An Organised Life With...'

With a list of iconic projects in New Zealand including co-founding Lucy and the Powder Room, Stephen Marr, and The Department Store, we chatted to this amazing mother and businesswoman about her newest venture, Sans [ceuticals], along with top 3 ways she stays organised, what inspires her & much more.



Name: Lucy Vincent

Occupation: Company Director of Sans [ceuticals] 


How it all began…

Six years ago I was trying to find products that were active, environmental, yet beautifully designed, which was a struggle. A friend, who is a top biotech scientist, was also a devout beauty junkie and after numerous conversations with her I decided to develop my own. I had also been working with a number of great dermatologists both locally and internationally and discovered that there was one key ingredient that was their default or go-to — vitamin A. We delved into the research, which was astounding. What it was able to do on a cellular level was amazing and incredible at repairing UV damage which is great for Antipodeans who are so susceptible. So we started with this as our foundation.

Biggest pinch me moment…

Reading The Naked Buddha was totally life changing and has impacted every aspect of my life since.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt along the way…

I have learnt so many… I would have to say learning how to be really flexible. Things don’t always go as planned in life and business so it is a great skill to have, and to know no matter what happens, you can handle it. It is my experience that the more you trust yourself, the quicker and more creative your responses to these situations become.

I’m inspired by…

My friends and maintaining my own centre of gravity, which comes from doing what makes you really happy and grounded – family, cooking and gardening are key for me. Also meditation but that ain’t easy! I love reading autobiographies for a dose of inspiration, especially from women who have really lived and experienced life, and have in turn, come out stronger. I love it when people are honest and share their human side.


Biggest piece of advice…

Be curious not defensive. Genuinely trying to understand how something has come to be, and treating every experience as a lesson, gets much better results – both in business and life. 

Organised to me means….

Having absolute creative freedom. I’m super organised and have multiple lists so this allows me to dedicate my mental space to problem solving and being creative, rather than trying to constantly remember the things I have to do. I dedicate 30 minutes a day to strategically crafting my lists.

The top 3 ways I organise my life are…

Lists in my diary – daily, big picture and follow up. My quarterly and annual calendar, annual goal setting and Excel spreadsheets! I love Excel!

I can’t leave the house without…

It’s insanely cold at the moment so three layers of clothing! Oh, and my iPhone.

At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk…

A graveyard of used tea cups, ceramics, lab samples and a visually chaotic but highly strategic sprawl of Post-It notes.


My workspace style is…

Some would say minimal. I like clean, unfussy, un-noisey spaces, I find I can think clearer in these environments. Having said that, I have strange cardboard animals made by my boys on the wall and a giant branch of Eucalyptus hanging from the roof, so a little warmth is important for me too.

First thing I do when I get to the office is…

Yell out, “This place is damn freezing", then make a big pot of peppermint tea for myself and my team. 



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