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An Organised Life with... Karla & Candice from Zulu & Zephyr


Designer dream team (& sisters), Karla & Candice from Zulu & Zephyr are the latest inspiring duo to be featured for 'An Organised Life With...' 

Known for it's killer swim wear & resort favourites, the duo have taken Z&Z to new levels every season, making it a go-to you can always rely on. 

I had the pleasure of chatting to the designer duo about how it all began, what they have learnt along the way & how they stay organised... 

Name: Candice Rose O’Rourke and Karla Rose

Occupation: Directors, Zulu & Zephyr

How it all began…

Funnily enough, walking along a beach. We had a dream to weave our weekends and our weekdays together - we were lucky enough to enter the market with fresh ideas and a fresh approach to swim and resort wear. 

 Biggest pinch me moment…

Styling our Spring 16 campaign back with wild lions and elephants. Also, working with amazing creative minds like Henrik Purienne, Akila, Pierre Toussaint, Sylve Colless, Byrdie Mack, Rudy Zverina, Mason Rose, Ulrich Knoblauch….. what a dream to put our ideas together and create something beautiful. 

Biggest lesson we’ve learnt along the way…

Trust your instincts - you know your brand best. 

I’m inspired by…

Creative minds, comfortable clothes, working mothers, our children…. 

Organised to me means….

Clarity. Accomplishment. 

The top 3 ways I organise my life are… 

Our beautiful An Organised Life Diaries, our General Manager Mel (lol) and ASANA.

I can’t leave the house without… 

Our kids. Because that would be bad! No seriously, phone, wallet, bikinis and Sunday Supply Co Umbrella. 

At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk… 

Fruit bowl with oranges, Canon Camera, mood board for Summer 17/18, An Organised Life Diary, iPhone and $20 for lunch. 

Our workspace style is… 

Minimalist, surrounded by lots of ply wood and plants, Daft Punk playlist and a swing. 

First thing I do when I get to the office is…

Ask how everyone's morning is going. Check ASANA and diaries for tasks to cross off for the day. Karla will meet with her design team to go over upcoming collection ideas, Candice will touch base with sales and marketing to plan any upcoming projects and showroom schedules. Any day can be different, but typically - this is the usual ZZ day to day kick off. 

Photography: Amelia Fullarton

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