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An Organised Life with... Hayley Bonham founder of La Porte Space, Bonel PR, + Maison D'Amore

· December 07, 2017

Absolute power-woman Hayley Bonham is the latest inspiring individual I'm excited to feature for 'An Organised Life With...'

Creative Director of not one but three beautiful brands including La Porte Space (the highly coveted multi event, work and studio space) Bonel PR and Maison D'Amore candles - we chatted to this amazing businesswoman about her career highlights to dates, how she stays organised, what inspires her and much more. 

NAME: Hayley Bonham 

OCCUPATION: Creative Director and founder of La Porte Space, Bonel PR, and Maison D'Amore 


Ok, so... how did it all begin?

My career started 12 years ago, in international wholesale for a fashion house, then moving into PR roles and styling and then onto establishing La Porte Space and La Porte Deux three years ago. 


I'm sure you have had plenty, but can you share a few pinch me moments you have had so far with your career…

have had so many to date, but launching La Porte Space with my partner Rory has been an incredibly challenging yet highly rewarding journey. Being so physically involved in every area of the process really makes you appreciate the finished product so much more when you step back to reflect. 


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt along the way?

Saying no! and backing yourself. I am a big believer in following your gut and I feel as I have moved through my career it is something I have confidently developed.  


With such an incredible career to date, what are inspired by?

Travel and the amazing creatives I work alongside everyday


What is your biggest piece of advice?

Listen and learn, intern and surround yourself with likeminded people that inspire you in the direction that you want to take with your career and life 

Knowing you and your work ethic, I know you are a highly organised woman! What does being organised mean to you?

Having a clear mind and a positive focus each day, this helps you stay on track and organised


What are the top 3 ways you organise your life?

  • I meditate to stay grounded and calm
  • have a daily to do list to keep me on track
  • I have a cleaner once per week so I can stay on top of things (that might be cheating)! 


Are you a Diary lover / To-Do List lover / Calendar love or all of the above!?

I'm a very visual person so I need to write everything down in a diary or notebook for sure! However I also love digital organisation as well. Having multiple businesses I rely heavily on my iCal. I always set alarms for my meetings and these alerts keep me on top of my schedule.

What is the one thing you are notoriously disorganised at?!

Keeping my desktop tidy! I am constantly sourcing images and putting proposals, strategies and documents together and am forever trying to keep it clean. 


What is the one item you can't leave the house without… 

My iPhone!! For sure!

Your new workspace at La Porte is an absolute dream! What bits + bobs would we find on your desk at the moment?

Notebooks, pens, drawings for Maison La Porte and La Porte Wellness, My An Organised Life 2018 Diary, La Larbo fragrance and water! 


Can you explain your workspace vibe + style?

Scandi/french with lots of white and neutral accents 


Living such a fast paced life and working across so many businesses, what is the first thing you do when you get the office?

Grab a coffee, catchup with my teams and review the plans for the day, then onto emails

2017 has been such a massive year for you! What are your plans for 2018?

Rory and I are excited to launch our luxury echo boutique hotel, Maison La Porte in 2018. And... we are also getting married later in the year!



LA PORTE Instagram + Website

BONEL PR Instagram + Website

MAISON D'AMORE Instagram + Website




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