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I'm beyond excited to be featuring Nadine & Emily from CHIC Blogger Management in my latest 'An Organised Life With....' feature.

These two ladies are the extremely hard-working & talented duo who manage some of Australia's top influencers including Sara Donaldson, Brooke Testoni, A Pair & A Spare, Ryan Ginns & many others.  

I visited Nadine & Emily's office at the renowned La Porte space in Sydney & chatted to them about how they stay organised, their workspace essential & what they do when they first get to the office.

Name: Nadine Andrews (Left)

Occupation: Senior Manager, Chic Blogger Management

Name:  Emily Devereux (Right)

Occupation: Influencer manager at Chic Blogger Management


How it all began… 

NADINE: I started this division due to the high demand of enquiries and that I have always been interested in expanding into this space.

How I came to be part of the CHIC Blogger Mgmt team…

EMILY: I was first approached by an old friend from the Chic Management team who told me about the position, which followed closely by two great meetings with my now manager, Nadine Andrews.  Love at first sight.

Biggest pinch me moment… 

NADINE: The day we left the Chic head office in Woollahra to go on my own at La Porte Space as it made me realise how far I have come since setting this up 2013, plus Chic Management giving me this opportunity from day one.

Biggest lesson I’ve learnt along the way… 

NADINE: Biggest lesson I have learnt is that you need to be patient as building a business takes time.

Biggest piece of advice I’ve been given…

EMILY: It sounds basic but I like to always treat everyone I come in contact with respect and kindness, whether that be the head of a large company or the guy at the local convenience store.  It’s always rewarding getting that respect or alittle smile back and can honestly really brighten even the dullest day.

NADINE: You need to listen, be opened minded and willing to task risks.


I’m inspired by… 

NADINE: Many people around me, however Ursula the Director from Chic Management has been a great mentor to me. She has taught me that you need to be confident with your decisions and be strong.

The best thing about my job…

EMILY: The variety, the relationships, the laughs and the successes.  Oh and the odd gift ;)

In 3 words I’d describe our trio team as: 

EMILY: Inventive, kind and loyal.

NADINE: Inspiring, driven and fun

Organised to me means….

EMILY: Always having reminders!  My phone and diaries are always, always alerting me to a number of important things to remember.  I also make a habit of checking in each morning or the night before with what’s on for the following day.

The top 3 ways I organise my life are…

NADINE: I still hand write everything in my diary of what I am doing that week, I have a excel spreadsheet of my budget each month (yes I am a nerd) and make sure I prepare lunch the day before.

EMILY: I guess it’s more about the structure I create that helps keep me ‘organised’…I start with getting straight out of bed to walk my dog at 6am which is the best way to start the day, even in these arctic early morning temperatures and lifts my mood to start the day on the right foot.  And on that note I NEVER leave the house without my bedroom tidy and my bed made.  I literally can’t function in the outside world without knowing that my home is in order.  

I know it’s probably not a great thing but I consistently check my emails in out of office hours too to ensure there’s no big surprises come the morning time.  I’ll respond where urgent and mark as ‘unread’ to follow up when I’m back in the office.

Food is a big component in my week to week life, so I like to be organized with cooking meals in advance to take to the office to avoid succumbingto greasy or unhealthy food (bar the occasional chips with chicken salt & gravy!)

I’ll often make a slow-cooked dish or soup on a Sunday or Monday night to ensure I eat well during the weeks too.

I can’t leave the house without…

NADINE: My laptop as it is my whole life in there.

EMILY: My phone, keys and lip balm.  Boring but true.

At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk… 

EMILY: Water, An Organised Life Diary, hot tea, a phone charger, Beauty Chef lip balm, Jurlique Jasmine hand cream, a fairamount of post it notes and usually a snack or two ;)

NADINE: Sachajuan (Hair Perfume), Chanel Eye Cream, Chloe Perfume and my Organised Life Diary which I take to all my meetings.


My/Our workspace style is…

EMILY: Productive, calm and fun.  We bounce ideas regularly off each other and all work at a similar pace, supporting each other and our amazing influencers consistently.

NADINE:  Is super organised! I have crystals on my desk, candles, latest magazines (Vogue and Harpers). I love to surround my workplace with beautiful things.

First thing I do when I get to the office is…

EMILY: Check my schedule, go through all my current emails and make a cup of English Breakfast tea.  Most of the time the tea does come first though.  Crucial as am not a coffee drinker sadly.

NADINE: Have a coffee and chat to the girls about what is happening and plus what the day is going to entail.


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