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An Organised Life With... Brooke Testoni

I'm excited to announce the launch of a new blog feature called 'An Organised Life With...'

Featuring a curated edit of inspiring people with amazing careers, we chat to them about how they organise their lives, what they are inspired by and what their essentials are at their work-spaces.

And... of course, we go behind the scenes around their homes & offices to snap their creative & inspirational spaces. 

Our debut superstar is none other than the talented Brooke Testoni, who is known for her work as a stylist, producer, creative director & influencer all tied into one. We visited Brookes beautiful home / workspace in Mosman & chatted to her about her diverse career, what she has learnt along the way & how she maintains an organised life. 


NAME: Brooke Testoni

OCCUPATION: Style influencer 

How it all began…

I started my website years ago, back before Pinterest was around. It was actually just a feed of images that inspired me. In time, I started to post images of my own style, my followers responded well to it and here I am today !

Biggest pinch me moment….

Probably being the style ambassador for Westfield. Five years ago, I would never in a million years think that this is where I would be today. I am very grateful.

Biggest lesson I’ve leart along the way….

To always stay true to yourself! It is very easy to trawl through online sites and be influenced by other people. Try not do this and let your true style and personality come to life.

I’m inspired by….

Travel! Every time I come back from a holiday, I want to start a new project or shake things up a little. My husband is forever telling me to slow down and do one thing at a time!


Biggest piece of advice... 

Life is short, live life to the fullest and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Organised to me means….

Having everything in its place. You could say I have OCD. I am sure my husband thinks I am crazy!

The top 3 ways to organize my life are….

  • Keep a diary (electronic and handwritten)
  • Back up your files. I once lost all of my files and personal photos - I was gutted!
  • Have a different draw, cupboard or compartment for different things, that way you also know where to find something.

I can’t leave the house without…. 

My phone, bobbi pins (if you have a fringe I am sure you get it) and my credit card (not that I should be putting anymore on it!).


At the moment you’ll find the below on my desk….

Laptop, An Organised Life diary, perfume, Grown Alchemist hand cream, a handcrafted pot with my USBs in it and calming oil.

My workspace style is…..

Different. I used to have an office at home however I decided to turn it into a meeting room. I mix up my days and my work space, that way I never get bored. I am either on location shooting, working at my husbands office or working from home either in my sitting room on my computer or standing up in my styling room. I have been reading up on the ‘standing while you work’ debate and do believe we can all benefit from it.

First thing I do when I get to the office….

Make a tea or coffee of course!


Instagram Here / Website Here / YouTube Here


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