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A guide to packing like a pro

Make your escape. Below are a few tips on how to pack for your next adventure. 


It may sound simple, but planning in advance is vital when it comes to keeping everything stress-free and organised. Make sure you book your accommodation and flights at least three months ahead of time - if possible. From there you can start writing a wish list of excursions, restaurants, shops and everything in between for your trip away. Depending on the destination make sure you pre-plan transport, visas, transfers, phone plan, and even restaurant bookings to avoid disappointment.  


When it comes to your wardrobe, pack in outfits! This strategy allows you to make the most of your luggage space knowing there are no random pieces that wont be used. Look ahead at your itinerary + the weather and try to plan at least two outfit options per piece of clothing. Mix & match styles are perfect for this including denim jeans, white cotton shirts, knits etc. Be realistic and never over pack.



Take your packing to the next level and think about smart layers. Light weight fabrics are a girls best friend when packing for a trip, no matter what season - light cashmere, soft cottons etc. I also personally prefer rolling my clothing rather than folding them when I travel, it always comes out less crinkled.



Choose your luggage wisely and utilise all the space. Separate all your different bits & pieces as much as possible to make them easily accessible & recognisable. For example, I keep my delicates in one bag, my toiletries in another, my phone and laptop charger in one, and my washing in another. 



To save space in your bag, invest in mini toiletries for your beauty & skincare favourites. If these aren’t available, purchase some mini travel containers & pop your essentials in these.

White Shirt worn is part of the OCRF White Shirt Collection

White Shirt worn is part of the OCRF White Shirt Collection


When it comes to your winter favourites, wear your bulky pieces such as heavy coats, hats, & boots on the plane. This will save you luggage space & weight, while also keeping you cosy on your travels. 



Before you head off on any adventure, make sure you always check off the ‘Essentials’ list below:

• Passport and/or license

• Phone charger and adapters

• Itinerary and flight information

• Emergency contacts

• Perfume and your beauty bag

• Medication and a first aid kit (make sure you have panadol, band aids and extra hair elastics) 

Along with these essentials, I would also recommend taking a travel journal and pen to document your holiday, a camera, a Turkish towel for any spontaneous dips in the ocean, and plastic snap lock bags for popping your perfume, makeup, delicates, etc in - this way everything is easily separated and nothing will spill either. 


And finally, keep your passport and important documents in a clutch. Make sure you keep the clutch close to you at all times, and for extra safe keeping pop it in a snap lock bag to avoid any damage.

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