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6 ways to prepare for the week ahead

An Organised Life_Preperation

One word: Preparation

There is nothing worse than getting out of bed on a Monday morning to walk into an array of problems. What to wear? What to eat? Why is it raining?! Preparation is key to getting your mind in the right head space to tackle the week ahead.

Here are the 6 small things that I do on a Sunday:

Time: 5-10 minutes each

1. Check Ahead

Just before I sit down to have dinner, I always check my An Organised Life Diary to see what I have coming up for the week ahead - events, meetings etc. I add in extra reminders/notes and set alarms on my phone. (This also helps the outfit prep tip below!)

2. Breakfast On The Go

Every Sunday night I whip up a batch of my favourite smoothie - Recipe below

Time: Approx 5 minutes so there is no excuse not to do it!

Cup of Frozen Berries (I add fresh strawberries too)

1 tbs of Coconut Oil

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 tsp of LSA

x1 Banana

Add together and blend

I use old glass jars that I have brought juices in and make a batch big enough to last 2 mornings. Then on Tuesday evening I repeat and so on. They are great to grab as you are heading out the door and sip on your way to work.

3. The Weekly Shop

One other thing I do is plan my meals for the week ahead on a Sunday. If your like me, I love food and I love eating out - but not everyday! It adds up quickly and I end up wasting a lot of time & money. So on a Sunday I write down my meals for the whole week ahead and I make an effort to stick to it - this includes planning meals out. I splurge a bit more in the weekend and go out for dinner & brunch.

If you don't have time on your side, order your groceries online & make dinner options that can also be used as lunches! Eg. Soups are great for winter & I also love making a delicious salad that I can have for dinner & lunch the next day.

Note: ordering my groceries/planning my meals usually takes longer than 10mins! More like 20mins.

4. De-Clutter

Don't ask me how, but every week I seem to accumulate an assortment of clutter in my handbag, wardrobe and bathroom cabinet! On a Sunday night I quickly clean up and de-clutter everything. For example:

  • Hang up any loose clothing on the floor in my wardrobe
  • Re-order my bathroom cabinet - in order of what I use first to last in the morning - trust me this helps so much in the morning!
  • Empty my handbag of any unneeded things e.g loose paper, makeup, extra sunglasses etc and add in anything I need or am missing eg. house keys or an umbrella

5. Outift Prep

It might sound silly, but when you have to trek to work on public transport (1 bus, 2 trains and a 10 min walk like me) you need to be prepared for what's coming! I always check the weather for the week ahead and roughly plain my outfits around the temperature, meetings, events etc so that I feel comfortable and confident. It makes your morning routine a lot faster!

6. Pamper

The final thing I love doing on a Sunday evening when I am relaxing on the couch is painting my nails! It just makes me feel complete and polished. Some people love a red lip - I love a painted nail. 

I hope this helps!! Have a good week 

B xx


IMAGE CREDITS: Photograph by An Organised Life. Sunglasses by Karen Walker / An Organised Life To Do List Notebook & DiaryBag by Benah X Karen Walker / Faby Nail Polish / Neon & Nest Pot / Tyrant Saint Leather Coin Purse / Diptyque Candle / Ring by Meadowlark

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