4 Hair Secrets You Need To Know This Summer

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Summer is literally just around the corner, and so is the sun, sea and sand! I cannot wait for countless wines with the girls and lazy sundays reading my favourite mag on the beach! Bliss!

However, one thing I have never known enough about is how to look after your hair over the summer. I recently ventured down to the beautiful Hair Cartel salon in Bondi to meet Belle & to experience all the pampering a girl could want! I also learnt a few amazing tips from her along the way.

Below are the 4 secrets you need to know this summer:

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1. The Essentials:

Firstly, how amazing is this branding!! Secondly, Mr. Smith is your go to this summer for Shampoo & Conditioner. Not only is this combination silicone free it also has also the essential nutrients to nourish, protect and strengthen your hair. I would highly recommend it.

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2. The Treatment:

Over summer its important to treat your hair to a little extra loving! I was lucky enough to experience a hot towel treatment in the Hair Cartel salon last week with Belle and it left my locks feeling soft & super hydrated not to mention shiny. Evo's 'The Great Hydrator' is a favourite of mine that adds moisture and calms frizz, or else try Evo's 'End Doctor' at home which is a leave in treatment that protects your hair against heat damage. 

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3. The Styling Kit:

There are 3 products you need to own this summer in your styling kit!

  • Evo Salty Dog Sea Salt Spray - gives your hair that fresh from the beach look 
  • Evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax - the perfect mix of hair spray & styling wax that give your hair undone texture, flexible hold and a matte finish. 
  • Evo Haze Styling Powder - this old school powder will give your hair some bulky texture & volume to play with when its suffering from the flop!

These 3 products will not let you down and will ensure your hair is styled to perfection in a textured, effortless, beachy kind of way all summer.

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4. The Oh Natural Beach Wave

My hair is naturally as straight as they come but this summer its all about the beach wave so... I'm going to be treating myself to a few blow drys! Hair Cartels signature beach wave blow dry is next level (see photos above, Belle is the beachy blow dry queen!) and the best thing about it is that it holds for a few days and is defiantly worth the investment. 

Hopefully this helps!!! Enjoy xx

Hair Cartel Websitehttp://haircartel.com.au (Make sure you ask for the lovely Belle) x

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