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11 Tips For Moving Apartments With Ease

Earlier this week I had the dreaded yet exciting job of moving apartments! And... I made it my mission to be as organised as I possibly could to keep it at easy & painless as possible. Thankfully I was living in a shoe box and didn't have a huge amount to pack however it's surprising how much you can fit into a small space! Now that it's all over and done I thought I would share my 11 tips for moving apartment with ease: 

1. Write a list

It may sound simple but at least 2 weeks before your move, write a list of everything you need to organise, change, pack, clean etc. There is a lot more involved than you think and also a lot of hidden costs with moving so it's better to be realistic!

2. Spread It Out

Once you have complied your list, divide and conquer by spreading everything out over the 2 weeks. From organising movers, packing up each room and dissembling furniture, to re-directing your mail, finding boxes and purchasing frame hooks for your new place - put a date next to each job and make sure you stick to it. 

3. De-clutter

The one thing I love about moving is that it's the perfect time to have a big de-clutter! If you don't need it, throw it or give it to charity. Be ruthless, it's the best feeling moving into a new house feeling refreshed and organised rather than stressed and cluttered.

4. Labelling is key

This is one of the most important things to do when you move - every time you pack up a box, clearly label it with the room it belongs to and the contents of the box. E.g BEDROOM / SHOES. It will save you so much time when it comes to unpacking and will also allow your movers to clearly see what room to pop each box in for you. 

5. Clean as you go

Once again divide and conquer. When you spread the packing over a 1-2 week period, it's also nice to spread out the cleaning too (where possible). For example when you pack up your favourite magazines & books from your bookshelf, give it a thorough clean and tick it off the list. Same goes for your pantry, cupboards, workspace etc.

Hustling through these small bits & pieces will allow you to concentrate on cleaning the bathroom & kitchen on your last day. Along with vacuuming and dusting rather than a full head to toe cleaning overhaul! 

6. Admin

Moving house has a lot of admin! More than you ever think. Remember to:

  • Disconnect your power & gas from your old place and connect at your new
  • Organise to get your internet connected (& home phone if you have one)
  • Re-direct your mail for a month
  • Update your address with your bank, employer, insurance, medicare, doctors, gym, mobile provider etc 
  • Update your automatic payments - Check when your new rent payments start & old ones finish  
  • Once you have your lease - get a parking permit for your new area so you don't get a ticket
  • EXTRA: I would also suggest putting in an online order for your groceries to be delivered on the day or the day after you move to save you having to venture to the store. There's nothing better than a re-stocked fridge & pantry. 

7. Wear sport gear

On moving day, make sure you wear comfy sportswear. Trust me!

8. Start Early

Moving is never a walk in the park, but if you start early, are organised and hustle, you will feel so good at the end of the day. On Thursday - I was up at 6am, movers arrived at 7.45am and had transported all my furniture & boxes into the new house by 8.45am! It was the best, and gave me the whole day to unpack. 

9. Unpack One Room At A time

If you're like me, you get really excited to unpack and arrange everything in your new apartment! My tip is to tackle one room at a time otherwise it's very overwhelming. Also make sure you break down any cardboard boxes as you go and pop them in the recycling bin. It saves all the mess at the end. Divide and conquer (again!)

10. Final Touches

Once each room has been unpacked and all your rubbish has been taken care of - start putting the final touches on your new place. From hanging pictures and artwork to arranging plants and candles. This is also the perfect time to write a wish list of extra bits & pieces you need to fill your new space - e.g rugs, side tables, artwork, plants etc. 

11. Relax with a wine & pizza!

Moving is always a big big day. Don't put pressure on yourself to cook. Grab a bottle of wine, light a candle, order a pizza and watch a movie to relax and take in your new apartment and all your hard work. 

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