5 Easy Tips For De-Stressing Your Life:

Personally, I'm a self confessed perfectionist, always have been, always will be. And with this trait naturally comes stress! Most of the time it pushes me in a positive way. But every now and then when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I have to force myself to stop, breathe, relax & re-focus. I have to stress positive.

Below are 5 easy tips for de-stressing your life....


One of the easiest ways to immediately decrease stress levels is to get active. Turn your stress into a positive & go for a walk, run or your fave gym class. The fresh air works wonders.


Once you have cleared your head a bit, refocus & re-organise your workload. For me, I jot down every single thing I need to do & re-prioritise my workload in a methodical way. This allows me to re-assess and put everything into perspective, immediately reducing my stress levels. What do you NEED to get done & what do you WANT to get done? There is a big difference.

Ps how cute are these little Dermalogica notebooks?! I absolutely love working with amazing brands to create wee collabs like this :)


When you're feeling stressed it's important to have at least 1 hour device free to regroup and literally stop. Embrace it & if you can make it a routine. 


While you're doing 'devices down' refresh your body & skin. Take the time to stay hydrated & pamper your skin a little. My new obsession is the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift that automatically reduces visible signs of stress around your eyes. The end result leaves you looking luminous, firm & fresh! Heaven! 


I'm also a bigger lover of a little R&R at least one night a week (usually Friday or Sunday) for a wine & a face mask / skin pampering & some Graham Norton! Find your 'little thing' and make time for it. 

Overall when you're feeling stressed, turn that emotion into a positive. Regroup, re-prioritise, relax & refresh. xx

Sponsored by Dermalogica Australia / Photography by Hannah Roche

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