3 Simple Things You Should Do To Ensure Optimum R&R Time This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us (woo!!!!) and the office doors are officially closed. However sometimes it's easier said than done to switch off and enjoy some well needed relaxation and recovery. Below are 3 simple things you should do to ensure optimum R&R time this holiday season:


In order for me to have a guilt-free holiday, I always write a list for the first week back at work before I settle into holiday mode. It's actually a really exciting time - heading into a new year - so planning my first week back allows me to feel motivated, organised and focused all in one. The key - leave it on your desk or in your diary and don't look at it again until the night before you go back to the office.


The number one rule for the festive holiday season is to eliminate electronic devices as much as possible - especially work laptops / computers! Realistically, how often do you really get to completely switch off from work while all your other colleagues do as well? Make the most of the festive season (guilt-free) by switching that out of office notification on. 

If you do need to use any devies - make sure you set realistic, clear expectations at the start of your break about how often you need to be checking your work emails etc and commit to that allocated time frame - no longer. This will help remove the pressure surrounding 'work activities' - the majority of things can wait until the office doors re-open.

I also think its important to limit social media access where possible. In saying this, I am defiantly guilty of catching up on my favourite blogs & Instagram accounts during my down time - but for me this is a relaxing activity! Everyone is different - just make sure you switch off where you can and enjoy the time with your family & friends.  

TIP: If you are feeling stressed about being away from the office or your email - add your mobile number onto your out of office for all urgent matters. 


If you're like me and are always go, go, go - I find having a distraction over the festive season helps me to relax and keep my brain busy - but in a relaxing way! For example I never find the time to read a book during the year (terrible I know!) so every year when I head home to NZ, I find an inspiring book and make a big effort to stop and read it over my break. It's the perfect distraction - and I can also take it with me wherever I go - the beach, on rainy days, family picnic etc! When you're used to a fast-paced lifestyle, it takes time to settle into relax mode - having a distraction is a big help. 

But over all, just make sure you switch off & relax - you all deserve it!

Merry Christmas xx